Friday Glimpses

It's been a #projectlife sort of afternoon.
UntitledI'm thinking of starting a recipe series called The Enchilada Project in my quest to learn how to make really good Mexican food. However, I may not need to go beyond this recipe from @martawrites. Unbelievably good!Untitled
UntitledUntitledChristmas bikes. First ride.

Miscellany from this week:

  • starting a new Project Life album for 2014.
  • and finishing up the one for 2013.
  • making amazing chicken enchiladas and contemplating making up The Enchilada Project so that I can justify making more enchiladas this year and searching out the perfect recipe. (Or just eating these over and over again because they were that good).
  • Picking this up to start next.
  • And finishing this one. Excellent.
  • Wearing a new apron handed down to me from Travis' grandma who passed away last year.
  • Watching munchkins ride Christmas bikes ... and then parking them in the garage for a few days because it. is. so. cold.
  • Reading (and already finishing) the January selection from the Reading to Know bookclub for this year. (FYI, it's The Blue Castle by L.M. Mongomery if you want to play along). Contemplating reading another L.M.M. book to round out the month ... maybe Pat of Silver Bush
Our Christmas break has FLOWN by and I am certainly not ready to start school next week. And I've enjoyed pecking out words here with much more frequency that I have in the last six months combined ... that has been good. But today includes an orthodontic check up for one and a celebratory retirement lunch for my mom and a few miscellaneous errands that we need to tackle. Off to make this Friday a good one with my little crew.

Happy Friday. : )


  1. Looking good Stephanie. We started school back up today. We'll probably do a wee bit tomorrow. I wanted the kids to get back into our routine slowly. I'm waiting for the UPS gal to drop of The Blue Castle. I wanted to participate in the reading challenge last year but failed miserably. This year I want to be deliberate and diligent. The book club is one area where I would like to focus my attention. And oh my! Ten Ways to Destroy....has been on my book list since June.

  2. I liked Fit to Burst, but LOVED "Loving the Little Years". In fact, I should probably read that again (it might convict me even more to be INTENTIONAL this year!).

    I keep seeing Ten Ways to Destroy. . .and thinking I should read it. . .so many books, so little time!


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