January Intentions


Yesterday I shared my One LIttle Word for 2014 - intention{al}. One way that I will keep this to the forefront is to make monthly goals for myself so that my word (and the action I want to take) is kept front and center. Hopefully this will help me be mindful of what I'm aiming for as well as breaking down those big projects into smaller, more manageable bites. I'm also going to have several different categories that I'll be focusing on each month. I recently listened to a video on goal setting by Elise Cripe and she made the good point that if you spend all your energy focusing on just one area, you will be burnt out pretty quickly. As an aside, I think that was part of my lack of ... much of anything ... in 2013. I was very focused on physical health which was a very good thing, but being SO focused on that made everything else fade way far into the background. (I have hopes of a post (or two or three) on that one of these days).

Here's what I'm being intention{al} about for January:

Spiritually: diligence in my Bible study in John and continue to count gifts and journal (hopefully with more frequency). I also started using the book The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime and lost steam on it over the holidays. I loved this addition of some liturgy to my mornings and want to add that back in post haste.

Physically: run a 5K this month. (Yikes). It's on the calendar so now I need to be diligent in preparation.

Relationship: quality over quantity is what I'm going for here. My girls and have a date on the calendar to see a young friend's debut theater performance in High School Musical and we are very excited about that. Looking beyond just mama/child relationship, we also have a date on the calendar to take Grandma (my mom) out to lunch to celebrate her retirement this week!

Routine: re-establish my routine of early morning runs and earlier bedtimes. November and December were full of LATE nights which I do not function well with. Time to regroup for sure in this area.

Creatively: Learn to use my big camera just a little bit better. I won a spot in Ashley Ann's SNAPSHOP DSLR course and can't wait to start it. I still love my iPhone for convenience, but I would love to know a little bit more what I'm doing with my "good" camera!

Job: 100% of me when we are doing schoolwork. Better planning and preparation on my part as well, whether that means getting my act together on Sunday night before our week starts, reading a homeschooling book to inspire, or working through N1's Classical Conversations work ahead of her so that I understand how to diagram a sentence as well as she does!

Baby steps. And lots of them. : )


  1. I need to work on my bedtime too. I wish I had the desire to train for a five K or do early morning runs! My word was Intentional as well. You can read it here: http://theadventuresofbear.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-word-for-new-year-intentional.html

  2. A lot of these sound similar to my goals. :) Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds wonderful : ) Looking forward to reading about your health journey too, because you have done such a great, diligent job (and I am in need of some good diligent job stories in this area)


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