Monday, February 23, 2015

Project Life 2015 :: February, Part 1

It's amazing how you can find time for a little bit of scrapbooking when you don't leave your home in five days. Our area was hit hard with ice the last week and from Sunday night to Saturday afternoon, our little crew was homebound, as were all the area schools and quite a few businesses. There was some snow playing here, but there was also school to be done ... we had taken a couple days off the day before for a winter break that coincided with a break with our Classical Conversations community so we needed to get some schoolwork in this week which we did succeed at, for the most part.


Last week (before the bad weather) we went to the Tennessee Wildlife Federation's annual convention which was at Opryland Hotel. They had a free family program which we did when N1 was in kindergarten, but they had a much more hands-on kids area this year - or maybe I don't remember our first visit very well. They had quite a few booths with different pieces of outdoor equipement (bows and arrows, bb guns, etc.) that kids could try. As you can imagine, a certain four-year-old boy was in HEAVEN. (The girls enjoyed it as well, but the boy was in his element).


Another random page protecter that I cut to work for what I wanted. I rarely take vertical photos but definitely didn't want to exclude these pics of the girls at the state park's photo booth.

Tennessee State Parks had several booths set up as well and I am inspired to get us out to some of these parks that we've not visited when the weather warms up. We live in a beautiful state and haven't taken the advantage of it that we could.


Paddington photo from the internet.

Random February moments. (The green card above hides a photo of one of our recent foster girls).


Random photos from this week. This miscellanous-ness (totally made up that word) of this page makes me happy, but this was a lot of what went on this week. So much reading. Ice. And ending it with a friend coming to spend the night and rescue us from a week of our own company!


Photos + memories document = good stuff.

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