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We are on day four of being iced in here at home so suffice it to say there has been a lot of reading aloud. It's been a while since I've documented what the boy has been into reading so it's about time for a round-up of those tiles that I have read over and over and over and ... you get the picture. I've been doing a little searching and looking at booklists for some new-to-us books that might interest the only boy here in the house and these are a few that we've enjoyed:

  • Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant - must get another book in this series because after some initial hesitation, this is the one that has been reread the most this week.
  • A Perfectly Messed Up Story - this one has him giggling when you turn the page and find there is jelly! and peanut butter! in the the book!
  • It's a Tiger! - one of the favorites for bedtime. A little boy is exploring the jungle and everywhere he looks he finds a tiger! Run!
  • Toy Boat - this is probably the sweetest of the bunch. The story of a little boy who makes himself and little boat and what happens when the boat gets away from him one day out on the lake. The illustrations in this one are very sweet.
  • Not Your Typical Dragon - the story of a little dragon who has some unique talents and doesn't quite fit in.
  • Dragons Love Tacos - another one that is repeated quite a bit and might get added to our personal bookshelves. Dragons DO love tacos, but you better not feed them anything spicy!
  • 10 Little Rubber Ducks - one of Eric Carle's that we don't have and that I can't remember reading so I'm glad that I brought this one home from the library. Any books by Eric Carle involving animals are always a hit with the boy.
We are also currently working through A Bear Called Paddington as time permits. (Some nights neither of us have the energy for chapter book reading). We saw the movie last weekend as a family and pronounced it super cute so it was a logical choice to jump into since he was somewhat familiar with the characters. It's a book I've never read so I'm eager to read it with him!


  1. Love it! The DLM loves Poppleton, too. And guess which chapter book we plunged into this week? Yes, Paddington! I'm not sure it's a total hit here, but when I ask him if he wants to read it, he says yes more than he says no. :-)

    We're iced in, too, and I'm SO over it. Whew.


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