Project Life 2015 Looks a Little Like This

Project Life has been my go-to scrapbook approach for the last three years now and I still love this concept. Pictures that pop into pockets. Cards that have lines for quick journaling. As little (or as much) embellishment as I want ... it still really works for me.

That said, I was ready for a little change in the way that I worked through my album. Especially as we have started foster care, my time is even more limited for scrapbooking and I'm finding that I'm even missing pulling out my camera for moments that I do want to remember which I REALLY don't like!

The plan for now: no weekly layouts. I just don't have a guaranteed time that I can sit down and work on the album as my days change, well, daily around here! For now, I'm printing pictures again at home with a little Selphy printer that Travis got me for my birthday. Definitely NOT as cheap as sending them to Sam's which had been my go to for the last couple years, but having the pictures in my hand in a matter of a couple minutes has made it a little easier to get them in my album.


This year is about using up some of the PL cards that I have been hoarding. I've cancelled my Studio Calico kit subscription which I enjoyed the last several years and am all about using up my stash.

Line through the bottom right photo because of a speck of something in the printer. I'm embracing imperfection and putting it in there anyway!


I'm also all about using up the different size page protectors that I've accumulated around here. On the left above is the story of the table that Travis BUILT for us and I stuck a journaling card in behind one of the pictures. The back is filled with miscellaneous school notes.

A recent story by B - definitely needed including.


Another random page protector that I found. I used the Project Life app on my phone to make some photo collages that I could print as 4x6 prints and then just cut them in half. Super easy.

And the best - the photos from our trip to the zoo on Monday are already in my album so that we can enjoy them.

Still sold on Project Life and it's simplicity for  me and am really enjoying a more laid back approach to it for this year!


  1. : ) Hear, hear!
    (I am sleepy enough that I was all "hey, I have notecards like that too!" Shaking my head at myself)

  2. I actually bought a PL binder and cards- finally. No family to document, but I've got pictures from the move to the condo, before and after pictures from painting the condo...I intend to take more pictures at the dinners I've been having, and more in general. I usually print them on the Canon multifunctional printer I have - it does print photos very well - but I've recently discovered that I can upload to Walgreens, and have them print and mail them to me for pennies a print. Much less expensive than even the low-cost printer ink I've found.

    1. I've not tried Walgreens but you are right about it being SO much cheaper! That's definitely the way I need to go for my most frugal option and I can sometimes plan ahead enough to pull that off. : )

  3. I love the idea of something simple when it comes to scrapbooking. I may need to check the project life album out!

  4. I love how you're adapting. Gorgeous pages as usual.


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