A Present Participle List for April

realizing that I get why people call these present participle lists from some of our Classical Conversations memory work this year. "A present participle is a verb plus -ing...". Thank you Cycle 3 memory work.

#itssimplytuesday and she was simply a delightful Lincoln! Presidential presentations today at CC!

checking books out of the library like it's my job. The oldest has a paper on Susan B. Anthony due next week and little girls did presidential presentations on Lincoln and Reagan so the house has been full up on historical biographies.

remembering that next week is National Library Week and I really want to do something for our librarians. They are so kind to us crazy homeschoolers and our huge pile of checkouts and holds each time we go in.

reading Theodore Roosevelt by Clara Ingram Judson for Amy's Newbery challenge. Sharing this book with B because when she spotted it, she immediately started reading the first chapter in the car on the way to her soccer game. We are also about half way through The Green Ember as our read-aloud. 

anticipating the end of our CC year in just two more weeks. It has flown by.

This girl was on fire. 🔥⚽️

watching soccer and lots of it. I love the spring season (though I don't care for soggy games so much). 

trying to write a little every day. I've been doing the #listersgottallist challenge on Instagram and while the prompts aren't all terribly deep, it's a little bit every day.

realizing we have less than 40 days of school left. Just, wow.

cooking ... not much the last few days. A few in our family have been out of town and those left behind have made do with leftovers and takeout. 

eating too much sugar! Moving Easter candy and sweets out of my line of sight!

looking back on this 2014-2015 school year and realizing that it's not been our finest. This past year (with the fostering) has been a huge fog and I am just now coming out of it a little lot on the bruised and battered side. Thinking through what is to come this next year (most especially, the last year I'll do the bulk of the planning for N1's school work before she enters the CC Challenge program) and grieving that a bit. Not the entering Challenge part - it's an exceptional program that I know will be really, REALLY good for her. This year was just so .... hard and disappointing. 

planning a little person turning eight very, very soon. Yet another Very Hard Thing. : ) We have acquiesced to a friend event this year and she is having a hard time making up her mind as to what she wants to do within the parameters we have given her.

sharing this photo.

Super E. #itssimplytuesday

He is just such a cool kid.


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love these lists : ) Looking down the barrel of an 8th birthday here too (!!!)

  2. Great list! I'm a bit on the bruised and battered side, too--too much of EVERYTHING this year. Here's to hoping we get a reprieve this summer. :)

  3. Hey friend -- I love this glimpse into your life through present participles. Wish our paths crossed more naturally...perhaps we can make an effort to actually connect soon as the weeks of school wind down.

  4. Really, really enjoyed this! :) It rather makes me want to play along!

    And I'm with you both on the amazement over the school year nearly being over (may I shout out a very transparent hip-hip-hooray?!) and through the fog of the last year (adding another member to our family).


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