Read Aloud Thursday :: From the Boy's Shelf


I'm trying to pay attention to the picture books on our shelves these days as I can see in the (very, very distant) horizon that picture books days are fading. Just this week, I did some major bookshelf rearranging to make room for more chapter books and our every growing nonfiction collection for school studies. I pared down a few of the girls' picture books and tucked them away in a closet for now as I'm also noticing that our collection of boy picture books is accumulating which is as it should be. Even good change is hard, mamas.

Anyway, these are the books that have been on repeat from the boy's shelf the last several weeks (actually, probably the last couple months!)

  • Sam & Dave Dig a Hole - boys and dirt, what more is necessary. The boy enjoys this one as you read about Sam and Dave digging for adventure and coming close several times. This was a recent win that we picked up at the library on a whim.
  • Dragons Love Tacos and Not Your Typical Dragon - We can't get enough of dinosaurs and dragons and these these two books are noteable in that I haven't gotten (too) tired of reading them repeatedly. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've shared these two here on the blog before and they are still in rotation. (Yep, still going strong since February!)
  • Little Pea / Little Hoot / Little Oink - oh, we love these little books. This is one of our very favoritest sets of board books to buy our friends if they invite us to a one- or two-year old birthday party. And the boy is at the delightful age where he gets the humor in these books. Little Pea is our favorite, but the other two share their turn in the read-aloud spotlight as well.
  • And Poppleton. The girls have checked out every Poppleton they could get their hands on at the library and we have all enjoyed this series. Cynthia Rylant is one of our favorite for easy readers and we have gone through our Annie and Snowball and Henry and Mudge phase as well. But right now, pigs that have a llama as a next door neighbor are the favorites.
All four munchkins will actually gather round when I pull out a stack of picture books for which I am very thankful ... and I'm thankful that in this season this boy has three big sisters who are pretty easy-going about reading some of these favorites over and over to him as well. I think picture books still have a lot of life left in his house, now that I think of it. : )

Sharing alongside with Amy for April's Read-Aloud Thursday.


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