Happy Valentine's Day! This is only my 3rd Valentine's Day where I've ever had a date in my life. One was with my fiance, and the last two have been with my husband. Waiting until I was 30 to meet the man that I was to marry was definitely an interesting journey . . . and although not probaby not the route that everyone would take or choose to happen to them, one that I would recommend. How can a 16 year old have a "serious" relationship that last several years? Especially one without getting physically involved far beyond what God intended for singles?? Now that I have a daughter, I am deeply burdened to teach her about purity - and not just with boys. In every aspect of her life - thought, deed, and action. The scary part is that to teach her about purity, and to do it the best I can, that means I must strive to be pure in my thoughts, deeds, actions and model that for her. That, to me, would show her my love in a far greater way than a stuffed bear or chocolate on Valentine's Day, and with a far more eternal value.

Not that I'm knocking chocolate at all. Chocolate definitely has its place in a girl's life.


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