My women's Bible study at church is studying the book of Judges right now. (Today was actually our first get-together to start working on it). The book of Judges is a pretty gory book. People get chopped up, smushed, stabbed, worship idols and make sacrifices to them, and so on. When I read it, I think, "eewww, what a horrible society to be living in where those kinds of things happen." Then someone said something today in our class that really made me think . . . those kinds of things are happening today - and they are still as terrible! People get murdered, women are raped, we worship "idols" - am I as shocked by them today as I should be? No. I'm calloused and so deaf to stories of such sorrow that I am not as appalled at the sin in the world as I should be. Sin is sin no matter what time period it happens and who is committing it. The sin that the Israelites witnessed and were part of is just as evil and despised by God as the sin that is in the world today. As I begin my study of this book of the Bible, I can't knowingly read it and be appalled at how they (the Israelites and the surrounding nations) act without looking at the world I live in and been ashamed of the way our society acts - deliberately sinful in the face of a Holy God. What should I be doing to take a stand against what is being done, said, shown on national television, in my generation?


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