I haven't had much time for posting lately. However, I can always find time to take a picture. Thanks much for the comments on our family pic. We are enjoying it.

Easter approacheth. While part of me LOVES this time of celebration of the resurrection of our Savior (!), a small part of me dreads it. As I walk in Target, all you see are supplies for Easter baskets and candy and bunnies . . . cheapening this supreme act of sacrifice Jesus committed for us. Thankfully, Noelle is too young this year . . . I need more time to decide if we're going to get into the Easter basket thing with our kids. I grew up with them and don't think I'm terribly scarred from it. But is that what I want my kids looking forward to on Easter morning? Just thinking about this today...

In other news, it is about 60 degrees and SUNNY outside today. B - e - a - utiful. I'm off to lunch with my Mom, sister, 6-year-old neice (who I am keeping today as a rare occasion) and Noelle.


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