Picture of my hubby & our two huskies - we took them to the vet on Saturday . . . almost 4 months old and both weighing in a 30 lbs. a piece! They should end up somewhere around 60-70 lbs. Yikes!

My women's Bible study that is going through the book of Judges is on Deborah this week. (Judges 4-5). At our last meeting, our group talked through some of the characteristics that we believed Deborah would have had and as I'm looking back over the list tonight while I work on the next lesson, I'm wishing that I possessed more of these. I count her as an earthly Biblical role model that I can aspire to.

1. A wife
2. A mother
3. devoted follower of God
4. a confident leader
5. wise
6. expresses her thankfulness to God publicly (Jud. 5)
7. a good listener (which means she knew how to hold her tongue!)
8. compassionate (read Jud. 5:28-29 - she shows compassion for the mother of the man that Israel was fighting against, Sisera, in the loss of her son.)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!! What an amazing woman.


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