This may be short . . . I expect Noelle to wake up any minute, and I'm waiting for something on the printer.

I'm hooked on American Idol. I've never watched the series before - ever - really! My sister tapes it for me each week and then I get a video every couple weeks with 3-4 hours of it. Travis and I don't get any television channels so it's nice to watch it on tape. I can fastforward through commercials and that host guy being cheesy. (Hopefully I am not offending anyone that loves him - he's okay, but I'd rather fastforward to the singing!)

I think the reason I like it is because I enjoy singing and wonder how I would feel in their shoes performing before millions - nervous!!!! Plus, to be honest, I try and pick out what song I would sing for the different theme nights. (Lame, I know!) As part of my pretend AI career, I also am trying to pick a song for each theme week that is a Christian song but would fit in the category. I think that for the initial tryouts I would have sung "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me. I still haven't figured out "soul week" - I am sooooo white when I sing. Just envision Debbie Gibson - bubble gum pop music - and that's me. The country song is easy - Randy Travis recorded a song a while back called "Whisper My Name" that I have always loved. I think I read somewhere that the next week is "motown" - I'm not going to even go there . . . the white-ness will surely shine. My favorites right now on the show . . . Diana, George, John & La Toya. I need to watch a few more weeks before narrowing it down.


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