Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Disclaimer: Lest ya'll think I'm avoiding talking about the recent deaths of two grandparents, I am. This is going to be a "what's been going on update." I'm tired of thinking serious thoughts.

Life has been busy, stranged, unpredictable lately. A smattering of things that pop out that I want to share, in no specific or coherant order. :-)

  • I made Aleta's cappachino mix about a week ago. Soooooo yummy. And I made it with sugar free hot chocolate mix so I'm not as guilty as I could be while drinking it. I did have to add a couple Sweet-n-Low's to it, but it was guuuuuud.

  • I went to the Tennessee Scrapbooking Convention last Friday. It was an interesting experience. Held at Opryland Hotel, I got my exercise walking around and trying to find things. I had signed up to volunteer on Friday morning from 8-11 a.m. at the registration desk. When I got there, the woman had enough folks for the reg. desk and sent me to "direct traffic" outside one of their classrooms. It was pretty quiet down where I was stationed so I was glad I happened to stick a book in my bag with me. It would pick up as the class times were starting and ending but otherwise, I just hung out there and read. And I got a goodie bag for my efforts. It including a book on card making (one I already have, but I'm going to share it with a couple other friends from church who scrapbook). It had some neat patterned paper in it, random cool embellishments (the kind that will be fun to try, but I'm not sure I would have bought with my money because they are very trendy) and some stickers. Then I went into the vendor/exhibit area. Instant overload! It was so crowded and packed with folks that I made a quick sweep before leaving. Most of the stuff in there was stuff I could get at my local scrapbook store and by this point, I was ready for something cold to drink and a seat. My 2 cents after spending a half day there - the classes are the key. If I was to go to one of these again, I would definitely take a class or two because that's when you get to learn something new and walk away with something you can use.

  • I made a batch of homemade granola this afternoon. The house smells like cinnamon. Very homey & cosy.

  • I just read the new Left Behind book, The Rising. It disturbed me. This was the first book in their "prequel" series. The book focuses on the birth (conception) of the antichrist as well as the background of Rayford's character. At times there seemed to be way too much emphasis given to worshipping satan than the Lord - way too much. Enough that I felt like I was getting too much info about it. Anyway, I don't really recommend it and I'm not sure I'll read anymore of the prequels as they come out. You can see what I've been reading here. Sorry my thoughts on the book are so vague - I can't really give more details without giving away too many spoilers.

  • I've started a weight loss blog. I don't know that I'll update it every day, but I need a public place where I can keep myself accountable and work on losing this baby weight. You can read the first post here. Misty, you asked me about the two purses that I am eye-ing as rewards for losing weight. They are both Vera Bradley purses. I love her purses because they are different and they are washable! (That's been a key feature in recent purse purchases - if I'm going to be throwing a sippy cup or snacks in my bag, I need to be able to wash it occasionally).

  • Lots of orders have been coming my way for cards and invitations. I was asked how I got started in my little home-based business. The way I got the word out was that I started making things and giving them away. When I helped host a baby or bridal shower, I made the invitations. When I needed a birthday present for someone, I made them a set of notepads or cards. It sort of grew from there. This week's project is finishing bridal shower invitations and maybe my nephew's birth announcements. Another friend has asked me about making invitations for her sister's baby shower so I need to check in with her about that. I think I'm going to try (key word: try) and squirrel away the money from these projects and put it towards my purse fund.

  • I went to W@lmart and bought Travis The Incredibles today. Shhhhh, don't tell him. I don't know that we'll watch it tonight. He's been asked to play bass in a band that has a show on April 1. He has rehearsal tonight and Thursday evening. I'm excited for him to get to play with some guys again . . . and it will be fun to go hear him play in a few weeks.

  • My Bible study lesson I worked on last night was on the story of David and Bathsheba. When I used to look at the sin that was committed here, I focused immediately on the adultery between the two. However, I saw last night that there were steps that David took that led to the sin. He was in Jerusalem when he should have been at war with his men. He stopped to observe the woman bathing on the roof. He made inquiries about her. He brought her to him and he slept with her. At any one of these steps he could have confessed his sin and turned away and he didn't. And David has such a history of "inquiring of the Lord" on his decisions. You see this through his life. And here, he doesn't. This convicted me of my ability to turn my eyes away from my own sin and not inquire of the Lord often enough. If I would ask his guidance more often, He, in His infinite wisdom and grace, He is there to guide me.

    Enough typing for the day! Blessings and much thanks for all your wonderful words of support & love. (((Hugs))) to all!
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    1. i know exactly how you feel sweetie--i really do
      anytime you need an ear--you know where to find me

      i loved the incredibles!
      ((hugs)) for your heart!


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