Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just a quick note to say I'm here and still in a bit of Easter recovery mode. We had a wonderful church service on Sunday and then we hosted my family for lunch afterwards. I managed to pour gravy on my arm while serving my plate and am recovering from a neat little 2nd degree burn on my right wrist complete with blistering and oozing. Ick. Good thing - I'm left handed so am only hampered for the most part by not being able to wear my watch. Monday was spent grocery shopping and some decluttering around the house. More of that to come over the next few weeks as I am part of the W@H Spring Fling Challenge of 2005:

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Hopefully over the next few weeks, you'll hear more exciting cleaning stories and such. My husband is in the spring cleaning mood so if I get a head start of some of it, it will make it less painful when the Saturday comes that he's ready to clean. :-)

I feel like I might have had something else to say, but it's gone now....

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