Monday, March 21, 2005

We put Travis on a plane this afternoon for a business trip - he gets back Wednesday evening. The day was busy with a run to the airport, as well as a few errands this morning with Noelle and my nephew. I have my neice the rest of the week (she spent today with Grandpa) so it will be hopping around here. Some of our plans include a trip to the library, coloring Easter eggs, a movie day and some baking at the end of the week. I'm trying to take advantage of Travis' trip by getting some cards made that need to go out. My W@H mail went in the mail today - Cheryl, Jessica, Heather & Debbie need to watch their mail! :-) I finished up my nephew's birth announcements today and I need one more piece of information and I can print up the bridal shower invitations I need to do next. Then I'm done (I think?) for a few weeks until I have some wedding stuff for a friend "due."

Off to print some more!

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