Monday, April 25, 2005

As requested...

by Leann, here are some pictures of my garden as of Sunday evening. I'm hoping my little plants are okay because we had a cold weather weekend here.

From the front - it's 6 ft x 12 ft.

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Here's one of my little cherry tomato plants that we started inside - hope the little guy is doing okay...

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My big tomato plant, which was started for me by a precious octogenarian at my church who knows much more about gardening that I do.

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Noelle is cutting teeth like crazy so it's been one short night after another around here - she just wakes up whimpering because her teeth hurt and seems to do better when I'm rocking her. Last night I was luckily able to get her back to bed after only about 20 minutes, but it just makes me a little draggy in the morning.

Planning on a regular newsy post tomorrow. :-)


  1. we are growing tomatoes here TOO!
    can't wait to see yours!

  2. We'll be planting tomatoes soon in our little plot.
    Hope Noelle's teething goes well. It can be the pits for both of you.


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