Friday, April 15, 2005

I've stepped back some this week and done some thinking. Part of it was having this cold and eye infection - I haven't felt like doing much. The cough that I've had has kept me up a bunch at night so my energy level (as well as my poor husband's) has been low. But also, I've been watching myself slip back into my old patterns - overcommitting to too many things, not taking time to refresh myself, having a to-do list with too much on it. For the unfamiliar, my 2005 year is all about simplicity. Slowing down, cutting back and more enjoyment of the good things.

But my old tendencies are slipping back in . . . wanting to do more, be more. I've committed to a second intense Bible study when I was already committed to one from my church. Our ladies group (I think I've mentioned this before) is going through 2nd Samuel / 1st Chronicles in a Kay Arthur precept course. If you have never done one, they are a LOT of work. Then the opportunity came up to start this second study - a study that I have wanted to do for several years - and before praying about it, I just jumped in, both feet. I'm feeling buried with the heavy work load for both and rotate from getting caught up in one to caught up in the other one. At the rate I'm going, I'm not going to finish well at either, and that's what I want to do. Be able to really give 100% to each one and absorb what God wants me to learn.

Anyway, just trying to regain a bit of balance. Yesterday helped. Noelle and I had an at-home day. Not that those are all that rare, but I took the day off. Got up early after Travis left for his 6 a.m. Bible study at Cracker Barrel. Spent some time working on one of my studies and getting my work for day done on the computer and then, other than the occasional email check, didn't sit back down at my desk for much of the day. Noelle spent almost the whole day out on our deck and I rotated from the deck to the kitchen and puttered around the house, usually with a book in one hand and something cold to drink in the other. Much needed downtime.

A few photos from yesterday and then I'm off to get us ready to go run a few errands. Tonight's pizza night around here so looking forward to a good evening just hanging with my husband and sweet girl.

Wearing Daddy's shoes:

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Our cool kid!

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  1. I see that Weight Watchers magazine in the background! Good for you! Noelle is a cutie pie! I am down about three pounds this week I think. At least I'm hoping!

  2. Down time IS so important! I am trying to learn to give myself more of that as well! And these days computer time does NOT count! LOL!
    If you need to step back from the Believing God study and wait--i promise not to beat you too heartily!

  3. Listen to that still small voice. Do His bidding. You will not go wrong doing that!Believing God has proven to be awesome in my life...because I honestly belive God timed it for this time *For me*. This may not be your time...He may want you to dig into your precept study...and have a ordained time for Believing God down the line. Love you my twin...there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!!!!

  4. She is beautiful!

    Glad you got to rest :-)


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