Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy 2005!

January 1. That always has such a nice ring to it. The beginning of another calendar. A blank page in a new journal. Waiting for events and memories and thoughts to be recorded. I'm ready for this year. I feel that God is going to make some changes in me and through me and I'm a little excited, albeit quite nervous as well. For several weeks now, I've been praying about and thinking about a theme for 2005. I think it's come.

~ Simplicity & Simplify~

Simplicity as defined means: "the quality of being simple or uncombined, absence of showiness, absence of affectation or pretense; also clarity of expression."

Simplify means: "to make simple or simpler, as to reduce in complexity or extent; to reduce to fundamental parts; to make easier to understand."

I make my life so much more complicated that it needs to be. I add expections that should not be expected of myself and others and set goals so above and beyond the realistic that there's no point in even trying to achieve them. I sense that this is a year of pruning for me. Purging that which is not needed to make way for something more beautiful and desireable. (The interesting thing to me is that it appears I am not alone with this vision.)

So, in the spirit of the day, here are some of my resolutions which I hope will be a guide for this year as I effect some change with the help of the Spirit.

1. Simplicity in my spiritual life.

I set myself up for failure. "This year I will read through the whole Bible - twice! I will become a giant in my faith in six short steps. I will complete every Bible study I can get my hands on and memorize the books of Psalms and Hebrews." Really. I do this. :-)

So this year it will be simple. Richard J. Foster wrote a wonderful book called Celebration of Discipline. It's broken into twelve sections - twelve different disciplines of the faith. I'm going to slowly read this book again this year. Spending a month on each section: meditation, prayer, fasting and study (the inward disciplines); simplicity, solitude, submission and service (the outward disciplines); and confession, worship, guidance, and celebration (the corporate disciplines).

2. Simplify my schedule.

Learning to say "no" to things. Having a daily routine that is easy, manageable and sticking with it. About two months ago, I started the process of putting together my FlyLady control journal. It's complete for the most part and even as I was writing it and organizing, I noticed how much better my mornings went when I didn't sit and stare at the mess in our house, but attacked it in an organized fashion. Things are looking neater and cleaner around here and I want them to stay that way.

3. Simplify my possessions.

How much stuff do I really need? Sell, give away, and throw out!

4. Simplicity with my habits.

This encompasses those healthy life choices that I need to start making. More water, less Diet Coke. (Oh, the pain!) :-) Instead of vowing to cut out all carbs (ha!) and to adhere to a stricty liquid/protein/veggie/whatever diet, I'm just going to simply make better choices. One thing that I've already started is putting a large jug of water in the fridge that holds my entire day's worth of water. I'm going to buy less Diet Coke to keep at home and instead look at it as part of the treat of going out. I'm refraining from rash vows to look good in a swimsuit by August to just eating healthier and cooking healthier for my family.

There you have it. I'm enjoying reading your resolutions as I make my rounds. Make me accountable for mine and tell me how I can help you with yours.


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  1. :) ((hugs)) It seems many of us are on the same wave length. :) Have fun my dear and Happy New year


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