Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Fabulous Success

Yesterday's delurking day was a fabulous success! I may have to do that again in the future because I met some cool people out there. Like:

~ Janet - she and I shared a secret mutual blog reading appreciation. She is a knitter and I love her blog to see what she is creating (and other stuff that she posts there, too!)
~ Diane in WI who is blogless and sweet. :-)
~ Zoot, who I have been reading for several months now and she cracks me up. Zoot is a hoot! (That was totally cheesy, but once I typed it, I had to leave it).
~ Elizabeth, who is Becky's sister. Hey, Elizabeth! I was a legal secretary, too, and worked for the TBA for almost 5 years before Noelle's arrival. And we're almost neighbors!
~ Zoe, my international reader. That sounds so exotic! :-)
~ Suzanne, who has a very fun winter-y looking blog. Must go back and visit soon. :-)
~ and ChapinaGirl who's real name is a mystery to me. :-)

Several regulars posted, too, like her and her and her and I think I had my all-time comment high for the day. Lots of warm fuzzies going on around here.

In other news, I'm moving on towards my next step in my Simplicity and Simplify plan of '05. Now that I have gotten up early all of 4 days in a row (*pats self on back*), I am implementing the new water regimen. My giant jug of water is sitting on my desk and I'm going to start getting it out in the morning instead of shoving it to the back of the fridge behind the chicken that I am defrosting and hiding it. Definitely more likely to be drunk if it's not behind the chicken.

By the way, I need to do something with the chicken today or tomorrow. Yesterday I made homemade granola and it made the kitchen smell all wonderfully cinnamon. I also attempted sweet potato french fries last night . . . a major error in judgment on my part. We will NOT be discussing the sweet pototo disaster of '05 around here AT ALL. :-) (Think blackend, charred and burned to a crisp and you get the idea.)

Today, I have my neice and nephew again, and it's also my day that I try and get some work done for church (printing bulletins and things). I may end up leaving that until this evening after Noelle goes to bed, but we'll see. Have I mentioned that I have a child-free evening tomorrow night?! This coming Saturday is our morning for staff meeting at church and my Mom usually keeps Noelle overnight the Friday night before that to help me out. I would take Noelle with me when she was little, but she's too active to stay in the room and play with us and too little to be left alone in a room with toys to entertain herself. Grandma will be picking her up after work on Friday and, although I miss her dreadfully when she is gone, I'm going to enjoy the evening hours of no kiddos with Travis. I think we're going to see a movie . . . either National Treasure or Phantom of the Opera. Has anyone seen either?


  1. Yay for child-free nights. They are really nice every once in awhile until you start missing them terribly :-) I want to see National Treasure! It looks like it would be good and I like Nick Cage too ;-)

  2. ooooooooo! i'd DEFINITELY see phantom! It's supposed to be superb (though how it can top live, I don't know)
    Good luck on the water! that is one thing i struggle with too!
    One thing that helps me is to keep a small tumbler by the sink. Every time i stand there to cook, clean, whatever, i fill it and drink it down. So if i am there 5 times a day, that's 5 of my 8 cups daily!


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