Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My Stuff

Stolen from the ladies around W@H . . . and to appease Aleta who thinks I should be caught up already! :-)

Grooming Products

Shampoo -- Suave . . . I'm cheap.
Moisturizer -- I don't use any . . . shhhh.
Cologne -- Happy by Clinique
Razor -- something pink...
Toothpaste -- Cinnamon Crest


Cell phone -- something from Cingul@r
Computer -- something from G@teway
Television -- something fairly small . . .
Stereo -- something that was on clearance :-)


Sheets -- flannel
Coffee-maker -- I don't know, someone gave it to us when our last one broke!
Car -- Honda Civic
Stationery -- handmade


Bottled water -- Sam's or out of the sink
Coffee -- Folgers or Millstone (flavored)
Vodka -- Ick
Beer -- Double Ick!!


Jeans -- Lane Bryant, I think...
T-shirt -- Old N@vy
Briefcase or tote -- a bargain from T.J. M@xx
Sneakers -- Nikes that my Mom gave me.
Watch -- Swap watch

Favorite Places

Our big family room, a bookstore, riding in the car with the sun shining in the window.

Necessary Extravagance

Journals, pens, and scrapbook supplies. And purses!

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