Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Winding Down...

Getting ready to go and make some popcorn and curl up with a book before collapsing for the night. Was on the go for most of today. I managed to get up again at 6 - yeah! (The doggies helped out because they just had to go outside at 5:57 a.m. How convenient!) I'm now two for two on getting up and reading my Bible. Not to mislead, I just read in the morning. If I'm going to work on any kind of Bible study where I actually have to use my brain, that comes later in the day or in the evening after Noelle is in bed. I was able to spend some time just now working on my 1 Samuel study. I'm almost completely caught up. I got about 5-6 days behind right before we quit for the holidays with sickness and new nephews and such. We start back up next week and my goal is to be back up to speed.

Anyway, I made stew in the crockpot (Pattie, it was your recipe from the W@H board - yumm!) and corn bread in the cast iron skillet. It just tastes better when you make it in the skillet. I couldn't really tell you why, but I feel very "Laura Ingalls" pulling my cast iron skillet out of the oven and putting the cornbread next to soup I made from scratch. If I had only grown the veggies myself. :-)

I managed to make it to the grocery store today with the three kiddos. That was an adventure. I realize there are many that go to the grocery store with three or more all the time - I admire you greatly! Let me explain about the grocery store run. I go to Aldi's once a month and stock up on groceries for the entire month, and supplement with occasional trips to Sam's and/or Kroger when necessary and for those things that you can't get at Aldi's. (If you aren't familiar with Aldi's, they sell a limited variety of food really cheap). The closest Aldi's to me is a 45 minute drive away. When Noelle was tiny, I could barely get there and back with her between her feedings. Today, I had my 12 week nephew strapped to me in the snugli, Noelle in the cart and Jordan (7 yr. old neice) pushing the cart. All went well for the most part - we had to break into a box of cereal for a snack about 2/3 of the way through the shopping to convince Noelle that climbing out of the cart was not in her best interest. Oh, and Jordan kept getting her shoe caught somehow under the cart and would have to take it off (shoe still stuck in the cart), climb under, and pull it out - of course, blocking most of whatever aisle we were in. But that was a minor inconvenience compared to not having groceries! :-) It also worked out well that I had lunch planned today with my Mom and sister and didn't have to worry about coming home and putting together food for the kiddos after the shopping trip. We were able to go to J@ck in the Box & relax . . .

Dana, the one-handed wonder, posted the following question in the W@H Swonderings today: What would happen if there were no television? Why would this be good? bad? This is a hard question to answer. As I've mentioned before, we don't watch much TV. We don't pay for cable, so on a good day, when the wind is blowing in just the right direction, we can pick up PBS, NBC and ABC . . . occasionally FOX. I don't find that I miss anything by not having TV. Sure, there are shows that I would watch if I had it. But, I really think that God has used the time of no television to heighten some of my spiritual senses (if that makes sense). When I watch something in a movie or on TV at someone else's house, I notice so much more whenever there is swearing or God's name taken in vain. I am amazed at how promiscuous (sp?) the shows are and that the trends is to become even more so, how normal same-sex relationships are treated, and how violent the violence is. TV seems to be anymore about one-up-manship. If this channel has show "A" that has a certain amount of racy-ness to it, then another channel feels compelled to top it and push it to the next level. The difference it has made in how I view sin (because you can't really call it anything but that) that is portrayed as normal on TV I now view as a blessing. Especially as I am stumbling through trying to figure out how to raise a child passionate for God which so many obstacles against her. It's overwhelming at times.

Anyway, I leave you with a recent picture of the girl. She had her 15 month Dr. appointment yesterday. We weigh in at 21 lbs., 7 oz, and are 31 inches tall. We also have officially given up the bottle - she won't drink her milk out of a sippy cup yet, but we're working on it.

Enough rambling for one sitting . . . off to popcorn. Peace.


  1. I adore the colors! So bright and cheerful! :)

    And I agree. I get some satisfaction myself when I make things from scratch rather than box.

  2. that little girl is totally adorable! i love the colors and love her pic as a header

    i am hoping lots of people answer the TV question. WE too watch very little (no regular evening shows/ sitcoms) though we do get satellite (cheaper than cable, for us) so that Craig can watch his sports--all 9-12 channels of it! LOL! I notice the same things you notice when i do watch (and let me tell you after being at my mom's with my three brothers for a week i was tv'd and Tv policed OUT). Tv is EXTREMELY worldy and its all about capturing your focus with those worldy things!
    at the same time, when something happens--like when i needed hurricane coverage and we had no power--it was very difficult to get information. Radios for the most part simply supply music and not info anymore. so when i do want it, i am very glad to have it!

    and now i have blogged on your blog


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