Thursday, January 20, 2005


Sorry I haven't been around . . . I have just not been able to focus on writing the last few days. We had a great trip with Travis' family, ate at four McDonalds (I think that was the final count):

. . . and Noelle was loaded on new toys and goodies to keep her entertained for a least a few hours. :-) Her Uncle Jeremy (T's brother) and his girlfriend got her a little stuffed husky puppy - I think that was my favorite gift of hers. It is so soft and looks just like our Jenny-girl.

I'm still feeling pretty behind on things. I didn't get to work on my women's Bible study while we were out of town and so am trying to play catch up there, as well as on laundry and my church work. My responsibilities on our church worship team have shuffled again some and I've had to add a few new things to my schedule. It has really helped that I've been trying to get up early and have some time to myself before Noelle and Travis gets up. I'm still getting up between 6 - 6:30 a.m. and it is making a difference in my getting things done. Noelle is also been really whiney the last few days. I'm sure part of it is she is tired from our trip, and she had so much attention paid to her, that it's been frustrating for her to be back home and not get her own way on everything. When she is like that it just drains me . . . something I'm sure all moms can relate to! :-)

Today we are going to get out a bit - some girlfriends are taking me out for a belated-birthday lunch to Chili's (yum!) and then Noelle and I are going to return a book on CD we rented from Cr@cker Barrel for our trip and go to W@lmart. Got to restock on important things like toilet paper and Dr. Pepper for Travis!

As a P.S., can I just say how much I like my husband? The last year has been very hard - just still sorting through some of the icky-ness of still learning how to be married - but he's really cool. I'm just saying. :-)


  1. Caleb has the same Husky - it's his lovey! :)

  2. oh that makes me so happy to see you say you LIKE your husband!!
    marriage is hard hard hard, and there are going to be times still when it gets hard, but when you set your mind that your husband is your friend, your companion, your soulmate as well as your lover, you overcome so many obstacles that satan would use to cause you to stumble.
    God will only honor your devotion to each other as you both grow closer to him!

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    I get up at 6am, but so does hubby!
    If I were to aim to get a chunk of stuff done beofre he gets up, I'd have to be jumping out of bed at 5:30am. I did do that for a while, but I'm so tired these days I'd just fall asleep amidst whatever I was doing.
    Zoe (Crechemom)

  4. My Emma has that same doggie! She's had it for about two years so it looks VERY loved. It's so fun to see other kiddos with things that your kids LOVE.


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