Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On the Mend

We get back the computer this afternoon with a new hard drive. Then comes the process of reinstalling all the software and getting a handle on all the info that was lost. Thankfully, we have files up through the end of October, but anything since then is gone. What is most disconcerting for me is all my calendar/addresses/email/lists are gone. In a uncanny coincidence, my handheld Palm died about a week ago and I sent it off last week to be repaired. My back-up on all the information was on the computer and now it's all gone. It's just going to be a massive bit of work to recreate some of that stuff. Thankfully, again, I had printed a hard copy of my 2005 calendar right before the computer crashed so I have all our appointments and schedules up to date, but it is the loss of my contacts that is overwhelming. College friends, email addresses, Travis' extended family - all that info will have to be tracked down and recreated. (Hint: if you are reading and I had your info, send me an email please and help me start filling in my blanks.) :-)

I also lost all my recipes which I kept on the computer. I told Travis that I wouldn't be able to cook anymore since I didn't have those files and he would need to start taking me out to dinner. :-)

So that's the computer update. In other news, I tried to set our stove on fire on Monday night. I had put some water on to boil for macaroni and cheese (a gourmet meal since I had no recipes!) and went to the bathroom. Travis yelled from the other room that it smelled like something was smoking in the kitchen, to which I responded it was probably just something on the burner. To my surprise, orange flames were shooting up around the pan and blazing merrily in the kitchen. I yell out that our stove is on fire, Travis comes running, I grab the baking soda and start dumping it liberally on the flames and Travis is ready with water should we need to douse it more. Exciting stuff.

Had I not had computer issues sideswipe me for a few days, I would have spent time writing about our excellent service on Sunday. We had a speaker who is on staff with Campus Crusdade's Military Ministry - good stuff. Also, to update, my girl-cycle is back to normal. I'm guessing that the trip to the in-laws in Ohio and other things going on just had my body out of whack. Thankful that it is resolved.

This has been a week where I'm needing to focus on thankfulness instead of how icky things are. All about perspective.

PS. Shanna, praying for your Mom. I did go to JBU and graduated class of '93. Lived in Ft. Smith for 2 years prior to that for my jr. and sr. year of high school - we might have been neighbors!



    well..there's hand surgery

    there is only one thing worse than a computer crash....
    glad you're back!

  2. Yep, a crash is major stinky. But a stove fire ranks up there too. Glad you were paying attention...btw, you got a laugh out of me with your whine about losing your online recipes...macaroni always saves the day!


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