Thursday, December 29, 2005

Baby Update

Just a quick update on our Dr. appointment and ultrasound yesterday ...

We had our ultrasound today and did learn some things. Right now baby girl is weighing in around 8 lbs, 4 oz. at 36 weeks. I am also carrying a LOT of extra amniotic fluid - not swelling so much anywhere else other than my tummy, but determined that that is what has been causing my constant nausea and throwing up ... all the pressure on my stomach and stuff. My Dr. said that a lot of times when there is that much fluid the uterus will be tricked into thinking that the baby is closer to due date than she is and so the best hope would be for her to come any time now, and that is a possibility. However, b/c my uterus is also so extend b/c of the extra fluid, there is a small chance of a rupture if I go past my due date or placental hemmorage which would require a transfusion. So, if I go past my due date (1/25), it's a c-section for sure. So, bottom line, pray that she comes early!! Weekend plans include loading the baby seat back into the car and getting all the suitcases packed and ready - maybe that will inspire the girl to come on out and meet us. :-)

I want to share about our wonderful Christmas and such ... hopefully later today I'll get a chance. Need to run out for dog food and a few necessities...

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