Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Noelle and I are sitting here waiting for Travis to get home from work. Today was my 35 week dr. appointment, and thankfully, I thought ahead enough to have dinner in the crockpot before heading out the door. The house smells like roast and I made some 30 minute rolls and have already nibbled on them because I'm hungry. :) (Thanks to Kim for the recipe.) A new Netflixs came in the mail today too, so I'm looking forward to a quiet evening. My Mom had the day off today and was nice enough to keep Noelle so I didn't have to take her to my appointment. Good thing, as the dr. was running behind this morning and I had extra snoozing sitting time in the waiting room.

The baby is measuring big ... I'm measuring at 39 weeks already so we're going to do an ultrasound next week to get an estimate how big she actually is. The dr. is predicting another 9 to 9 1/2 lb. baby and is pushing me really hard to have another c-section. I do NOT want to do that. Thankfully, Travis is off next Tuesday when we will have ultrasound #3 and will be at the appointment when I need to ask the dr. a bunch of questions ... like will she refuse to deliver me if I don't have a c-section. I like my dr. a lot, but she is very concerned about lawsuits and malpractice and, yes, I understand it is more convenient for her to have me scheduled to come in when it works with HER schedule to have the baby. However, something about just saying "ok" to having my tummy cut open again if there is any way around it seems more preferable. Call me crazy.

Continued on Wednesday a.m.:

My neice and nephew are coming over for the day today. I'm going to have my neice help me with a big batch of chex mix. I am amazed that I've made it until this late to make a batch, but we're going to double it to make up for that. :) Otherwise, it is a stay inside kind of day. I have our women's Christmas social tonight, and I'm not terribly fired up about going. One of those things that I enjoy when I get there, but the thought of getting up and out the door this evening after a day of busy kids and such ... it's already making me tired. :) I have a list of things I need to get to work on for our Christmas day service at church - hoping to get a little time on the computer this afternoon when the kids are napping and get the music organized for Sunday. It's already all picked, I just need to lay out the powerpoint and type up a few things. I'm looking forward to our Chistmas day service - it's going to be simple. Christmas hymns and communion. Normally we do that on Christmas Eve, but it just seems wrong to not go to church, just because it's on Christmas Day ... in my opinion, we should especially be gathering together to celebrate the birth of Jesus ... and His coming return!!! Granted it will make it tricky on Sunday morning with the getting up and out the door. I don't know if we'll do gifts with Noelle before church - she's little enough to not know what she's missing so maybe we should take advantage of that at this point? :) My family is going to be spending Christmas Eve at a friend's home - they have a tradition of a shrimp and pizza (and all sorts of other stuff) dinner on Christmas Eve and time to relax and visit. I look forward to that every year and it's one of the things that I miss when we are in Ohio for Christmas.

I registered for my first on-line scrapbooking class today with Big Picture Scrapbooking. I'm going to try and take Donna Downey's year long class, but to start, I've only registered for the first 4 weeks. Several reasons - one, the whole class is $200 and I can't spend that right now (4 weeks is only $25); and two, with the new baby coming I want to see if I can do the class with a little one, or if the assignments and such is stuff that I could hang on to and work on later. I'm so excited about it, though. :)

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