Friday, April 28, 2006

What We've Been Up To...

  • Our baby turns 3 months on Sunday. She's trying soooo hard to roll from her back to her tummy, but she keeps getting stuck halfway.

  • We are working on potty-training N1. We're having about a 50% success rate at making it to the potty ... I just don't think she's interested in big-girl p@nties yet. Even though they are Elmo p@nties.

  • I went to the dentist last week for the first time since I was just barely pregnant with N1. Ugh. I went back this week for some MORE cleaning, and I go back in 3 weeks for another round of something. After that, they are going to start replacing my old fillings with some crowns. Double ugh.

  • We celebrated my Dad's 63rd birthday last Sunday and we celebrate my Mom's 64th next Saturday. The week after that is my BIL's birthday, and then Travis follows about 3 weeks after that. Spring is considered our family's birthday season.

  • My women's Bible study is winding up in about 3 weeks. It's been a good study this Spring, although I feel like I haven't been able to soak as much from it and spend as much time with it as I usually would. We did Beth Moore's Patriarchs study ... not my favorite study of hers, but I love Genesis and the stories there.

  • Can I just say how much I love the dollar section at Target? This morning I broke out some fingerpaints that I had bought N1 there several weeks ago. An hour and a half later and this was the end result:

    I love that she looks so puzzled that her hands are this color. :-) And Yeah! for Daddy's old t-shirts.

  • Summer activites are hitting the calendar ... I'm having some girlfriends over for a coffee and dessert night in a few weeks; a church yard sale is coming up; annual church picnic in June; family vaction coming up later in June; possible trip to see a friend in Jackson, MS; and hopefully, Parent & Me swimming classes for the girls. Since N1 didn't enjoy her little swimming class last summer very much, we aren't going to move her on to the next class where she might actually learn some swimming skills. Instead, N2 will just be old enough (6 mo.) for them to take the beginner's class together with me and T.

  • The church youth is also planning a long weekend in Biloxi, MS, for hurricane relief efforts. Travis will be going on that for sure, and maybe me and N2.

  • My scrapbooking class at Big Picture Scrapbooking is still underway. Love. It.

  • I have bangs now. I like them. :-)

  • Tomorrow I would like to go to the Dollar Store, the library (book on hold there), and I need to run to Kroger. I'm making a coconut cake for our family lunch on Sunday.

  • I have decided that I am, for the most part, swearing off shorts. They are just too short to be decent for the most part, unless you pay the big bucks and order really nice ones from Land's End or something. So, this summer, I will hopefully be investing in some capri pants and long flowy skirts to get by in.

  • I am going to be trying some things to trim up my spending around here so we can save $$. The Honda that I brought into our marriage has its good days and bad days and in the not too distant future, Travis is going to need something more reliable to drive.

  • Travis is starting seminary this fall through Dallas Theological Seminary! He's starting with their online program and we'll see where it ends up taking him. I'm excited for him.

  • N1 and I have been doing better about less TV during the day around here. (Retraining us to leave it off since we were watching a lot of videos right before and right after N2 arrived). I'm thinking of putting away her videos completely for the summer and trying to have it off all day. We enjoy snuggling and watching videos together so I don't want to pack up the TV forever, but I think in a few weeks it will be time for the next step in our "weaning" process. Plus, when T starts his class this fall, we'll have it off more (hopefully) so that he can do his homework and such in the evenings.

    Enough! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

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