Fall Into Reading ... the List

Without further ado ... the list! I struggled with what to put on here; mainly because I'm in a Bible study right now that is kicking my tail with the amount work and I haven't had much time to read since it started! But, I have several I need to read, several I want to read, and some that I'm anxiously awaiting the release of and that, all together, helped me come up with a nice sized list.




  • Currently I'm doing Kay Arthur's Precept material on the book of Daniel.

  • Also reading through Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas with the women of W@H.

I'm hoping to get around and check out every else's reading list over the next few days, and I'm sure I'll find other jewels to add to my list! : ) To particpate in Katrina's challenge and post your own list, head over to Callapidder Days!


  1. I wish you success in finishing the challenge :)

  2. Great list. Strong willed child was very helpful when I read when my kids were younger. I've always wanted to read and Elisabeth Elliot book. This list reminded me.

    Happy fall reading.

  3. YOu had to tell me that Jan Karon's new book is coming out!!!

    Can I have dibs??? lol -- guess I will have to wait awhile for this one

  4. I'm reading "Let Me Be a Woman" as a morning devotional. Wish I'd read it years ago!

  5. Love your list! I my sil and I both have the strong willed child on our HAVE TO list too! Ha!

  6. Did I mention that I read all the Yada Yada books after I saw you mention them - and loved them?! Time to get on the waiting list at the library, for both that and the Jan Karon.

  7. Just to put out there...I read The Strong Willed Child and while it wasn't BAD ...to me it was more ''generalized'' or seemed like it was stuff for older kids. I don't know...it just didn't seem to be pratically applied to my situation. I did find ''You Can't Make Me but I Can Be Persuaded'' (by Cynthia Tobias) a better match. Granted your mileage may vary. :)

    I am SO looking forward to the new Father Tim series too!!!

    Oh and reading through your past few entries...Dora and Backyardagains are DAILY staples around here. LOL

    And finally your hair looks FABULOUS!

  8. This is a great list, Stephanie! I'm a fan of Elisabeth Elliott and I keep "Keep a Quiet Heart" with my Bible to go through, bit by bit. Also, I recently read -- and Loved -- Sacred Parenting, and I've heard that Sacred Marriage is just as good. Thanks for being part of the challenge -- enjoy your fall reading!

  9. Wonderful list. I am in the middle of the He Speaks to Me Bible Study! Excellent. I am living Priscilla. Can't wait to get my hands on the new Father Tim book...Happy Reading.


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