In the Last Week

  • I've quit a job
  • cut off all my hair
  • had to buy a new hairdryer to style said hair
  • decided (actually concurred with the husband) that it's time to find our dogs a new home
  • printed a ton of bridal invitations
  • not found the time to address said invitations which need to go out TODAY
  • cuddled a sick bitty-baby with a nasty head cold
  • been up at 4 a.m. two mornings in a row with said snotty baby
  • taken several Halls, myself
  • wrapped up Season One of Heroes
  • watched more episodes of the Backyardigans that I care to admit
  • have stumbled my way through the first week of my Bible study on Daniel
  • watched Noelle started back to her 2nd year of Cubbies at Awana
  • played on our new playground every single day
  • taken a road trip to visit a friend who just had her first little one, born in a town about an hour and fifteen minutes from us
  • oh, and made meals, played with kids, did an abnormal amount of laundry, etc.

Last week was nuts so if it's a little quiet round here for a few days, that's why. And this coming weekend, I'm getting to go away for a few days (well, me and the Betsy-girl) with some friends. Right now the thought of getting it all together to go out of town is a little overwhelming, so that signifies to me a need for a few quiet days here at home, first. : )


  1. You've been a busy lady! I hope your to-do list gets shorter as the week goes on. Enjoy your quiet time.

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    im sure your hair will much easier to look after
    btw your looking good girl

    hope your little bitty baby gets better soon

    sounds like youve been busy

    enjoy your weekend
    safe travels

  3. 2 questions: what kind of camera do you use?

    Do you print your cards at home or where do you have small runs done?


  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    That's a busy week! I really like your cut!


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