Super Good Deal

If you like Propel (and boy, does my husband!) here's a super good deal for you:

There is a coupon here for 50 cents off a single bottle of Propel. Typically, I see them on sale at Kroger for $1 a piece (this week they are 5/$6). Using your coupon, which Kroger will double, and if they are on for $1, you can get them for free!

I bought about 15 yesterday for Travis to take in his lunch and with the coupon it was still a good deal at $3.87. I made a pdf of six coupons to a page which you can download here if you are interested. The coupon is good until the end of the year, so I'm just going to plan on stocking up every so often - they make great drinks for Travis' lunch and for taking on outings with the girls for a fun treat. The girls love their "Daddy-juice."

Thanks to Crystal at Money Saving Mom for pointing me to this great deal! : )


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Oh Stephanie, you are my new found hero. My husband who is diabetic (so can't drink the full sugar stuff) loves this. As a matter of fact I just bought him a 12 pack last night.

    So when you bought 15, did you give them 15 separate copies of the same coupon. Were they ok with that? Or do you just give them 1 coupon and they apply it to however many you buy?

  2. Hi Tina! Glad you can use this deal, too. :) I did use 15 separate coupons (one for each bottle I bought) and they were fine with it! I did do the self-scan since that was all I had and they didn't question it, but I've taken in multiples of the same coupon before and not had a problem.


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