Thursday, September 20, 2007

Scene & Heard - 9.19

Every so often Noelle (almost 4) and I talk about everyone's name in our family and we practice what her first and middle name is, Natalie's first and middle, and so on. Yesterday's run through went something like this:

Me: Noelle, what is your name?

Noelle: Noelle Blah Blah (FYI ... she didn't say "blah", but you get the picture). : )

Me: What is Natalie's name?

Noelle: Natalie Blah Blah.

Me: Do you remember Elizabeth's name?

Noelle: Elizabeth *wait for it* Diet Coke Blah

I love it.


  1. hahaha that's great!

  2. Very cute! I love hearing my guys say their full names. It's so sweet!

  3. So what is she trying to say??? LOLOL


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