A Look at This Week

Sitting here this a.m. enjoying a last few moments of quiet before the sounds of waking girls fills the house. I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and have had some time in Matthew this morning. Good stuff.

I've been looking over my schedule for this week and, as I've mentioned before, you can tell it's fall. This week is packed with stuff that needs to get done ... some that come with fall-ish activities that are starting up this week and next, and others that have just all come "due" right now. : ) I've also got a fall cleaning schedule that I'm trying to keep up with ... the weather is cooling down (oh.so.slightly) and that puts me in the mood to dust and rearrange the furniture. which is actually what we did yesterday. I think that is becoming one of "our" little family traditions when we have a three day weekend - Travis and I move the furniture around. : ) I like it - it keeps me from wanting to buy new stuff for our house. Just by shifting a few pieces of furniture, and taking the time to REALLY vacuum up the dog hair under said furniture, I now have a whole new family room. : ) Cheap entertainment, folks.

Anyway, on tap this week:
  • super cleaning on our front room/Travis' office/music room
  • 4 month check up for baby Betsy-girl today
  • start the work on my Daniel Bible study (using Precept materials by Kay Arthur)
  • print thank you notes that I've designed for my friend Natalie who is getting married (she is the friend that our Natalie is named after)
  • doctor appointment for me on Friday - appointment with a new OB, one closer to our home. (No I am NOT pregnant!) : ) I loved my old doctor, she was just 45 minutes away, and every appointment was a huge 1/2 day outing just for a simple checkup. This doctor is 5 minutes away - close enough that Travis can come home and watch the girls while I go. Much better deal.
  • And just the regular stuff of life...

Oh, and we had our first day of "school" yesterday. It went pretty good - we talked about the letter "A" and the sound it makes and then just did some coloring at the table. I already knew a LOT of the first several days/weeks of this would be just working on table skills, but it didn't go too bad since we're easing into it. We didn't do a full hour yesterday, but that's okay. We have lots of time. : )


  1. Hmmm...that makes me want to break out the vacuum under our sofa!

    Glad you found such a satisfying way to redecorate!

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    sounds like youre going to have a busy and productive week
    you go girl

    school sounds good
    keep up the good work


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