Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Daybook

Outside my Window ... a cloudy gray day today but there are promises of 60* weather this afternoon. I'm ready for it!

I am thinking ... that it has been busy the last few weeks and the next few look about the same. Good busy, but busy none-the-less. Friends that are moving so there are several farewell events on the works, friends visiting, school that must happen, and all the fun and celebration that celebration that surrounds Easter both at church and home.

I am thankful for ... a pregnancy that is continuing to do well from what I can tell from the outward signs of exhaustion and some morning sickness. : ) I go back in for a 12 week appointment in a week and a half and am hopeful for another good report and a chance to hear a tiny heartbeat this time.

In the learning room ... We are finishing up our Spring study this week. We got about 1/2 of it done before N1 spent last week at an outdoor nature day-camp. Then, our plans are to spend the next week and a half doing some Easter reading and activities. I had purchased an Easter unit study, but it was just more than I was up to doing this year with a camp week in the middle + 1st trimester. I'm going to pick and choose a few things from it and then we'll hopefully use it in it's entirety another year. After Easter I have a few more books I want us to work our way through (Five in a Row style) and a unit on Ireland I can't wait to do ... it's hard to believe that we have just a little over 30 days of school left for the year!

From the kitchen ... Nothing too exciting because nothing has really sounded good to me of late. Just making normal meals and feeding my ever-hungry children.

I am creating ... a mess on my desk? : ) True, but I'm also still working on my 365 project for 2010. Still going strong on pictures although I do need work on my journalling cards and get those caught up.

I am going ... in the car a lot of late! We have had lots of running the last week or so which is much different than my normal home-for-most-of-the-week schedule. Today it's soccer and a girl scout leader's meeting tonight.

I am wearing ... black capri pants and a green and gray maternity shirt. Yes, I'm in maternity shirts already - chalk it up to the 4th baby and the fact that I am extremely short waisted.

I am reading ... I've been spending what little time I am awake with Miss Read in the village of Fairacre in the evenings. I'm really not getting much reading done at all right now because I'm so tired. I still want to dive into Sally Clarkson's new book about joy, but I just don't have the mental energy for it. Oh, and I've made it to Judges in my plan to read through the Bible this year. Yay!

I am hoping ... for a cure for my little friend Case. My good friend Melissa is a mom on a mission to educate folks about the disease her little man has. Case is about 6 weeks older than BBoo and we love him to pieces in our family.

I am hearing
... girls playing outside for a minute for a school break, birds chirping, spring sounds. : )

Around the house ... we are cleaning and purging in spurts around here. I'm sorting clothes like crazy and will be doing much more of it once I find out what #4 is to be. While a move is probably in our future, we aren't planning on doing anything before this baby arrives and we have to find some room here for him or her.

One of my favorite things ... spring sunshine.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... we have a couple soccer games, a soccer practice, an open house to attend for a family that is moving, a possible lunch or dinner with some girl friends on Sunday plus the regular stuff of life. And, oh, I really need to mop my kitchen.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...



  1. I am all empathy for your maternity clothes now! I'm barely 5 feet tall which means my babies had no place to go but straight OUT. :)

  2. Yeah, same here on that short waist thing. I'm 5'1" and Bookworm1 went OUT. I was asked once if I was having triplets. Nothing can make a pregnant lady feel so good! =D

    Sounds like you are QUITE busy and have plans to stay that way for awhile!

    Love the picture!


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