Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday / 10 on the 10th

Just in case you were wondering (you probably weren't and that's okay : )) one of my favorite weekly bloggy reads are Elizabeth's Ten on Tuesday posts. That's one of the reasons that I started doing them here although she is a much better (and much funnier) writer than I. Anyway, yesterday she did a post with 10 different photos marking her first month as a digital photographer and I loved the idea. I'm going to post 10 recent ones from my 365:2010 project. : )

1. 3.08.2010: We went to the zoo on Monday - it was beautiful outside (75*!) and stopped to eat our lunch right by the giraffes. This one was hanging out at the fence and it was so cool to see it up close. I just thing giraffes are amazing (and a little bit freaky!)


2. 3.05.2010: Travis had a work lunch on Friday (the end of a long work week and lots of yummy work lunches) and he invited us to join him on Friday at the Greek Cafe. We jumped at the chance! My favorite place to eat with him ... the food is so good! (These two are look eerily alike in these pictures - just a big and small version!)



3. 3.06.2010: A chilly but sunny Saturday for N1's first soccer game. There are some girls on her team that have played before so there is a little learning curve for her. And, man, did she fall asleep fast when it was time for bed!


4. 3.07.2010: We had some time with just Grandma on Sunday afternoon while Grandpa was down at the church taking directory photos. Natalie caught the opportunity to snuggle with Grandma under a blanket and Grandma will never turn down a snuggle.


5. 2.23.2010: A little horseplay with Daddy. Love the blurry action shot of this picture that one of the girls took.


6. 3.04.2010: This is how I found Betsy this morning when I went in to check on them - just her little feet peeking out. (This also can document her new-found love of socks and how she likes to have them on all the time!)


7. 3.02.2010: I made these bars on Monday - something sweet sounded good to me. They were so good - with the coconut on top they tasted like an Almond Joy bar.


8. 3.03.2010: $1 from the Dollar Spot at Target. Well worth it. : )


9. 2.22.2010: Busy, busy, dreadfully busy. The calendar the last two weeks has just been nuts. Good stuff, but busy none the less. This week (with the exception of Monday) I was out every night. That NEVER happens.


10. 3.09.2010: Yesterday we hit 9 weeks pregnant and the baby is now the size of a grape. : )


Linking up to Mer's 10 on the 10th post as well ... because I can't come up with two lists of ten in two days. Just do not have the brain cell's for that right now. : )


  1. Looks like you are soaking up and savoring life. I love it!! Have a blessed day!

  2. Sweet post. Lurve the bunny ears from Target. Blessings on your little "grape"!!!!

  3. I love the pictures of the girls out at lunch! It seems as if their personalities are shining through those photos and I love it!

    Hello baby grape! =)

  4. stephanie! it just kills me when you post these pictures! it makes me miss being little with my brothers and sister! enjoy the time you have with them all under one roof ... (oh my gosh i sound like my mom! lol)

  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Love the giraffe photo! Sounds like a fun and busy home. Enjoy!

  6. Yeah for little feet sticking out from under blankets. :) They look so sweet and adorable when they sleep. Sometimes you just have to take a picture. :)

  7. I love life photos...and yours show the beauty in everyday stuff. LOVE it, Steph. Glad you're feeling pretty good these days. I'm still so excited for you!

  8. The pictures are just great... and so hard to imagine that ANY of our babies were ever the size of a grape! Our God is awesome! Again, congrats on that littlest one!

  9. Love the grape picture. It's just so awesome to think about a new baby coming along. I know the girls are over the moon.

  10. Great pictures! When I saw the grape I just went aawww!! :) Blessings to your family.


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