Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Few Food Links

Being homebound for much of this week apparently brought out my adventurous chef side because I tried three brand new recipes. If you ask me they were all winners although different family members had different levels of enthusiasm. : )

First, I made these oatmeal breakfast bars from Cooking During Stolen Moments. I loved them. I put half raisins and half dried cranberries in there, and I think next time I make them I'm going to sprinkle in a little coconut as well as play with the sugar (maybe use a bit of honey?) The girls weren't too fired up about them because they don't look like "regular" granola bars, but I think if I put them in front of N2 & B enough times, they will really like them.

The second recipe was chosen by Noelle as she was flipping through my recipe book one day. She picked out this recipe for gingerbread waffles and according to her, they were the best! waffles! ever! I have to say they were very good and I'm not a huge waffle fan - they smell exactly like a gingerbread cookie while baking and everyone gulped theirs down. I only made a single batch of these, but next time I make them, I'll definitely be doubling them so I have some for the freezer.

Third, I made this recipe for Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup for dinner tonight and it was Goodness gracious. I really can't say enough about how fabulous it was other than I may be making it again in a few days when we have some young couples from church over for dinner. Two thumbs up! Five stars! A++! Whatever your rating scale is, it goes at the very top. : )

Happy cooking. : )

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  1. just added the oatmeal bars to next week's menu! :)


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