Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I mentioned that I'm tacking Project 365 again this year. I've been wrapping up last year's album over the last several evenings and am so glad that I did this last year! So many little random moments captured that would never make a full layout are included in that album.

As part of that project, I'm going to be participating in Jessica's Project Life Tuesday when it fits and post our week in pictures. My album week will run Sunday through Saturday, but since I started it on January 1 (which was a Saturday) you get a bonus picture this week. : )

January 1 - the first picture of the new year. From my birthday party that was New Year's Eve, I rang in the new year with three sleeping babies (the fourth had gone home with Grandpa & Grandma around 9:30 p.m.

January 2 - The family celebration of my birthday after church and Sunday lunch. I had lots of little helpers to blow out my candles. : )

January 3 - One of my birthday goodies from Travis was this book. I haven't read a whole lot this fall, what with the new baby, surgery, etc., so I have thoroughly enjoyed being engrossed in this story.

January 4 - Meeting with our realtor to go over some papers as we make house plans. (More on that later!) : ) Buddy-Boy looks on and helps out with the big decisions as best he can and generally just looks adorable. (As a side note, we borrowed the bumbo chair from a friend because we've never had one. This thing is fabulous and Ethan adores being able to sit up and watch the girls play and see what everyone is doing. And, he was completely supervised at all time as he sat there next to Daddy.)

January 5 - 13 week shot.

January 6 - Today we lost our hot water and discovered that the hot water heater was shot as well. Bummer. However, I am very thankful that they were able to get new one installed quickly.

January 7 - Ethan is three months old today - how can this be? By our attempt at weighing him at home, we're estimating he is around 16 lbs., more or less. He is a chunk. : ) He has been sleeping a 6-8 hour stretch most nights, sometimes at the same time I want to sleep, sometimes not, but any extra sleep has been welcome!

January 8 - Today, some good friends and I drove out to visit our friend at her super cool house and eat an amazing tortilla-y, taco-type chicken soup, brownies AND she sent us home with the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. What a friend! Not to mention it was wonderful getting face-to-face adult conversation with some of my oldest friends.

And, there's week one!


  1. What a neat post!! And excited to hear about house plans!!!

  2. so fun. first off that boy is adorable. Happy Birthday! And I'm in love with that free kitchen, it's open it's green? and it's so relaxed. Happy PLL Tuesday!

  3. Looks like a good start to 2011!

    Happy belated birthday.

    Ethan is quite the cutie. My grandson's name is Ethan, too. :D


    And I'm very eager to hear about these house plans.

    Could you possibly be more enthralled by your little boy, please? I'm starting to wonder of your love. ;D (I've also been curious about the bumpo chair. Looks like he's a fan!)

  5. How fun to be a part of more than one event in one of your weeks! How unusual these days & very nice. The girls were very excited about their gifts...thank you. See you soon friend.

  6. I'm jealous! I've always wanted to keep up with this sort of thing, but as I've told you before, the longest I've ever gone is a couple of months.

    We have a Bumbo seat, too. THe DLM doesn't love it, but he'll sit in it on occasion.

    Love the pic of you all on New Year's Eve!

  7. I bought that book and haven't started it yet. I absolutely LOVE the Mitford series.

  8. What a fun week! Love that pic of your smiling boy :)



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