Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When it snows...

You watch Daddy unbury the truck so he can get to work.

You bundle up (multiple times) to go outside. And you are thankful for hand-me-down ski pants!

You sit in the warm house and work on your full body smile while waiting for the sisters to come back in.

You make snow angels.

You leave a trail behind when you come in thaw out.

You play make believe. You pretend your horse is hanging out with a rough and tumble gang of dinosaurs!

You make hot chocolate over and over and over, with a cup of hot tea throw in for good meausre.

You read some books for school and a little learning about the moon.

You make snow cream. Yummmmm!

You watch as more snow comes down and down.

You hold an impromptu tea party and invite everyone you know.

And you fall fast asleep after all that excitement. : )

Photos taken over the last two days of our snowy confinement. Anticipating another day at home tomorrow as well as we enjoy this winter weather.


  1. I just can't get over the snow!

    And yes, of course, you need hot chocolate!

    Love his full body smile. My word he's a charmer!

  2. How fun!! Our week was pretty similar - right down to watching daddy dig out the vehicles, leaving a trail from the door to the bathroom and lots of hot chocolate. We ended up with about 8-10 inches of snow and most of it is still out there. Unless it rains, I won't see my front yard for quite some time. Which isn't a bad thing at this time of the year.


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