Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday


Week 2 of my Project 365 for this year. This project has taken on an entirely new meaning in just the last week. There is a blogger that I have read for many years now named Joanne and this past week she suffered a major, MAJOR stroke. She is my age, a homeschooling mom of girls, and so full of life that it is hard to imagine her laying in a hospital bed while family and friends wait for her to wake up. While I pray for her, it has been such a good reminder for me as to how I am spending my days with my sweet family and where my priorities are. (You can read updates on her blog here or via her husband's twitter here).
January 9:
The big girls are now going to a choir program at a nearby church on Sunday nights and it just so happens that my BFF has a few of her kids in the same program. This means that we have an hour and a half of UNINTERRUPTED TALKING on Sunday nights now. So wonderful.
January 10:  

Heap big snow on Monday! We were given some hand-me-down snow pants recently and at the time I wondered when on earth would we ever wear them. Apparently sooner than I thought and I was so thankful for them as we put them on several times over the course of a few days.

January 11:

We wrote a check today to seal the contract on a new house. So thankful for God's provision in letting us make this move and for how the pieces are all coming together. It really is amazing.

January 12:

The girls and I drove by what will hopefully be the new house today. (Really, I wanted to see how well I could find it without T driving me there). : )

January 13:

Today (Thursday) was the first day that we really ventured out much this week. N1 had a field trip at a local cooking store - the field trip was teach the kids some of the chemistry involved with cooking - and she, of course, thought it was very cool. The little girls (and boy) and I had an hour to kill in a small shopping center so we filled our time visiting a little toy shop and walking around and taking pictures. The left picture is one that I posted here and I wanted to include it to document B's outfit of choice. It still cracks me up to look at it. Her little smile is so sweet in the picture - she was so proud of getting herself dressed without help and since that included tights that was a big deal!

January 14:

As we are prepping to list our house, I took down the 4 seasons papers that have been on our wall for several years now. They were the first things that I made for our homeschool and were showing lots of wear. They weren't going to survive the move since I had originally made them on construction paper and were becoming very faded and flimsy, so I took a picture and will recreate them in the new house.

January 15:

My photographer Dad (and Mom) came over on Saturday to take pictures of the house to put online when we list it. Here he is showing the images to T and formatting them for online. E is hanging out with the guys here giving his thoughts on the pictures and overall support. : )


  1. Yes, I was so sorry to read about Joanne too. Been praying!

    Loved your shots. And I pray that will be your home soon. It's beautiful!!

  2. Awesome photo's.. loving your week. my prayers going out to your blogger friend. I feel for her and her family.

  3. I have been praying for Joanne as well...definitely puts things in perspective.

    Love your pictures...good luck with the house (loving the new one..super cute)

  4. The house! It's GORGEOUS!!!! How very exciting! =)

  5. Hi, I found your blog through Jessica's PL tuesday's. Looks like you have some exciting times coming up moving into a new house. Congrats and good luck! Looking forward to seeing pictures when you move.

  6. I love it--all of it! Thanks so much for sharing a peek into your week!

    Your house is GORGEOUS!!! I am excited for you!

  7. Love the house! I got chill bumps when I saw it!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear all about God's providing it for your sweet family!


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