Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life Tuesday


This is my third installment participating in Project Life Tuesday. This has been a great prompt for me to get down some thoughts on my pictures sooner rather than later (as sometimes happens in a busy household!) Last week while T and I were watching TV, I was able to pull up posts 1 & 2 of Project Life Tuesday and write up my journaling cards and it went so much faster having little bits already on the blog. Granted, I tweaked a few things from writing for the blog v. writing for the family album, but definitely made the process easier. Anyway, on to this week's photos!
January 16: The signs to sell our house went up in the yard today. It was one of those happy / sad days and I will admit it was a bit teary taking this picture. I have loved, loved, loved this house and while I know we have outgrown it, I will miss it terribly. You might notice parts of the photo are blurry for privacy. However, if you are truly interested in our sweet little 2 bedroom home, I'm happy to hook you up with the realtor. *wink*

January 17: By Jove, the boy has got it. He has been working on his thumb for a while now and Monday marked a day of success for him.

January 18: B's little lammy that she is glued to was in DIRE need of bath. We popped it into the wash Tuesday morning and she literally haunted the washer and dryer while it ran through the machines. When we pulled it out, upon first inspection, her comment was, "It's so white!!" (And just to note, it smelled much better, too!)

January 19: A little artistic creation with the Wiki Stixs during our school day. This is apparently a space ship and a couple aliens.

January 20: N2's birthday is ten days from today and in lieu of a party we have having her best friend and her BFF's family over for Sunday lunch along with our family. It will be a big bunch of folks in this crazy house! She spent considerable time this morning handwriting her invitation to them and we then popped it in the mail. I was super proud of her hard work on this. : )

January 21: The third snow day of our school year - so far N1 has had three of them fall on days that her tutorial meets. While I could go ahead and do school with her, we were all happy to have a day off to hang out and play. Thus, a spontaneous bowl of ice cream at approximately 10:45 a.m. Why? Because we could. : )

January 22: We had a girls' night out dinner tonight, only this was our annual one where we bring spouses along. Yummy Mexican at a LOUD restaurant and time to catch up with friends. We were missing half our group tonight because of conflicting schedules and we were sad not to see them - looking forward to catching up with them at the next get-together!


  1. wonderful photo's love the alien and spaceship.. I can see it!! looks amazing.

  2. Girl's night - YAY!

    And I love that ice cream. Dang you.

  3. lovin' that spaceship & aliens...and great job on the picture :)

    snow days are the best...especially with ice cream :)

  4. Good job for getting it all down! I get to the computer and forget everything!!

  5. Love seeing a peek into your week! The DLM sucks his middle two fingers (middle and ring) just like Lulu and Steady Eddie (many long years ago ;-) ) did.

  6. so was the Samoa's ice cream good? I've resisted the temptation to buy it...and I wondered why they don't have to call it "Coconut Dream's" or whatever it is the GS's are calling it these days...just an interesting thought.

    my daughter loves wiki stix...those are some stellar creations there!


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