A Zoo Day

I have a little kindergartener who has been asking and asking to go to the zoo. It really has been on our to-do list – we were actually going to go last Thursday unbeknownst to her – but plans changed when we had to attend a funeral. Yesterday was going to be a normal school day around here. However, I have another girlie that has been struggling with a cough for several weeks now (the dr. thinks it’s just allergies so we are trying to give her some relief from those) so we ended up with an unplanned dr. appointment yesterday morning. The afternoon stretched before after the appointment – to go home and do some school or to head to the zoo?

The zoo won. And I had a very, very excited five year old on my hands.

And a little boy that wanted to see some elephants.

Beware. Large quantities of photos ahead. I took the big camera to the zoo. : )



The photo below is not a great shot of me (ha!) however, I thought it showed how brave I was when I was being attacked by lorikeets. 


Elephant photo by N1.






B was the only one excited about petting the goats. While were in the petting zoo pen, a goat started munching on a lady’s skirt and there was much shrieking and yelling. The boy stayed as far away from the goats as he could after watching someone almost get eaten by one.


I am both fascinated and freaked out by the flamingos. Their colors are so amazing, but they are such awkward looking animals.


We got to witness a flamingo fight while there – quite humorous.

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Pre-spring. The lemurs were super active today – actually most of the animals were. We never go late in the afternoon, but as we were walking around, almost all the animals were up and moving around. Our theory is that it was getting near their dinner time and they were all waiting for food.


Baby clouded leopard.


N1 took it upon herself to take some notes while we were at the zoo.


Those teeth!


The Ns. It took some persuading to get this picture.


This is normally what I have to work with. : )


Happy Wednesday! We are checking an orthodontist appointment off our list and picking up a few groceries to get us through the week. I cannot keep food around here it seems – I think everyone is having a growth spurt all at the same time! We are looking forward to lunch with family tomorrow and some quiet days at home over the weekend. There might be some Christmas decorating, but that would also involve purchasing a tree as ours didn’t make our move of a year and a half ago (and last year we just had a tiny tree since we also had a tiny boy into everything).

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. : )


  1. Cute! It's been a while since we visited the zoo. I need to put that on our to do list before temps drop to cold. I love the last picture. I have a couple of hams just like that! :D

  2. What a perfect day for the zoo, Stephanie! Did I ever tell you that I was bitten by a lorikeet? I think it was at the Birmingham Zoo instead of Grassmere, but it HURT. :-( I don't think I'll do that again. (In the bird's defense, it was just trying to walk down my arm and pinched my skin in its beak as it did so, but it still hurt!)

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Your girls are growing up!


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