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Thus ends our first softball season. #pictapgo_app

… softball season has ended. Third place in their division. Such a good experience for N1 this spring.

Playing #projectlife catchup. I'm to April now! #pictapgo_app 

… got out my Project Life supplies. Playing lots of catchup.

Saturday fun: replenishing the cupboards. #pictapgo_app

… restocking the shelves and cupboards with the whole family.

 Coffee and an old favorite sitting on the porch steps. #pictapgo_app

… sitting on the front step watching a boy chase a ball and reading an old favorite.

Sunday night baking. #pictapgo_appHelper. #pictapgo_app

… making homemade cookies with a girl

CC practicum and training today. #ccpracticumSo so excited about this book that I got at my #ccpracticum today. It's been in my amazon cart for weeks thanks to @my1000gifts and her posts on moral imagination!

… having my brain stretched and pulled in a zillion different directions at this year’s Classical Conversations practicum.


… looking at this pile of stuff that needs cleaned out and put away from my comings and goings of the week.


… picking up antibiotics for one with strep, a dinosaur from the dollar bin for a boy with a virus, and a few binders for the mama who thinks she is inspired to work on next year’s school work which she has two sick kids (and diet coke to fuel it).

Sprucing up the kitchen counters. Printable from @joyshope.

… but instead winding up the week being still as I nurse a couple sick kiddos through a rough night and an easy Friday instead of having some friends over to play and have Bible study.

It’s been a full / good / tiring / busy week here to start off our first week of summer break. Hope yours has been wonderful as well.


  1. Aw--so sorry you have sick ones. Hope they're better soon! I love that verse on your counter. Did you make it, or is it a download from somewhere?


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