Off with a bang!

I mentioned that we officially started our summer break last Monday and it has been non-stop action around here since then. Though, not necessarily the kind of excitement I was looking for. : )

Monday through Wednesday were spent at the annual summer Classical Conversation practicum.


However, we got a little souvenir from the conference that we weren’t expecting – a nasty virus that has kept us homebound since last Wednesday! High fevers that lasted for days have been the culprit (with an additional case of strep for N1 as a bonus) and we’ve done lots of laying on couches, intermittent napping, reading / reading aloud, and watching of movies. I’ve hated seeing my munchkins so sick, and having to cancel quite a few fun things off the calendar the last few days, but I think we are in the homestretch.

Still not 100%. #pictapgo_appShe thinks this book is so exciting and can't put it down. Score. #pictapgo_app

While we’ve been homebound, I did manage to get a few loose ends from school wrapped up. Last year’s school work has been cleaned off our shelves and filed away in the closet. A new binder with a fun orange cover to hold all my planning pages for next year’s curriculum. I’ve nailed down almost all my thoughts on what our curriculum will be next year with the exception of B’s reading (and maybe something spelling oriented for N1). Jury is still out in those two areas.

A little organization and color is good for a body. #pictapgo_app

Today’s project was to spruce up our reading wall in the school room. It’s SO nothing fancy. : ) This spring, I starting putting up little caterpillar body segments for each book my independent readers finished. Green = N1, purple = N2, orange are our read-alouds … and I’m picky on what counts as a book. (i.e. a reread of Calvin and Hobbes for the fifth time does not count). : )


We now have a blank slate for summer – we are going to fill our ice cream cones with as many scoops as we can to show what books we have completed. The middle cone will be for read-alouds and what B and I read. This will probably include her picture books and easy readers though again, the 20th run through of a Fancy Nancy book won’t count either. : ) Just a fun visual so the girls can see what they are accomplishing when I give them a little reading time each day and how a little every day does add up!


Happy Monday. Hoping to be able to send the healthy kidlets off to VBS this evening … we are ready for the some the fun, out-of-the-house activities to commence!


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