Around Here

Celebrating. #ABeautifulMess

Celebrating him.

This would be the good night to be at VBS. #pictapgo_app

VBS snacking on hot almost-summer nights.

Hosting a summer moms group. Can't wait to dig in. #pictapgo_app

Studying with friends.

First run today in about a month. Outside. In sun. Didn't die. #babysteps #pictapgo_app

Running again after taking a month off.


Reading aloud.


Discovering fireflies this summer. The boy is mesmerized.


Devouring. Cannot say enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. (Actually, I can say more, but finding the time to blog it ...) I loved this book like I love Mitford - now there is some high praise. : )


Catching this sweet fellow that flew in our house. Ack.


Growing up. She was so very excited. Enough that she woke me up about 3am because I had forgotten to put anything under her pillow. (My kids all know I am the tooth fairy. And I stink at it because once I have sleep on the brain I can't remember to slip anything under their pillow. #momfail)

Night swim.

Night swimming with friends after the last night of VBS. Summer memories.


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