Thursday, February 03, 2005

Catching Up...

I feel like I haven't caught up with anyone in ages. This week has been busy, busy. But, Noelle and I are home ALL DAY today and I'm very excited about that! Actually, Travis and I have a music team thing at church tonight, but Noelle will get to be here with her Grandma for a few hours which she will enjoy immensely.

  • Monday was major errand day - two bank runs; two trips to Cosco to drop off and pick up photos; trip to Target (why do you run out of all of your cleaning supplies at the same time?); trip to Factory Card Outlet, Michael's and Joann's for supplies for our youth group's Valentine's dinner; and some sock shopping for my W@H sock exchange!

  • Tuesday was grocery day. I made my monthly trip to Aldi's and a quick trip to Kroger for a few items that Aldi's doesn't carry. I like to buy fat free on some things and Aldi's doesn't do much in the way of fat free. Stopped at the library and then we had lunch with my Mom and sister at Captain D's. Home to put away groceries and I spent the evening (after Noelle went to bed) working on my Wednesday Bible study lesson. I was majorly behind, but got to spend about 2 1/2 hours working it and had a great time in 1 Samuel. We're one week away from finishing this book, and then we are starting the precept (Kay Arthur) study of 2 Samuel / 1st Chronicles. I was also on for snack for Bible study this week so Tuesday afternoon found me making a batch of Leann's Double Chocolate Chip Cookes - Fab. U. Lous.

  • Got up and made a veggie pizza for Bible study (the rest of my snack) and then at church until 11:30 or so. Ran to the post office to mail my packages to my W@H girls and then Noelle and I ran back to the library to re-return a DVD. (Note to self: when returning DVD's, check to make sure that the DVD is actually in the case!) We had small group at our house Wednesday evening, which means my sister, neice and nephew come over for a bit before they go to Awana and hang out and catch up. After small group over, put Noelle to bed, and finally whip up some dinner for me and Travis. Curl up in our date chair with the new John Grisham book and read until my eyes won't stay open . . . which, sadly, was about 9:45 p.m. :-)

  • Today is print day for church - bulletin, prayer list, sermon notes/outline. I (and my co-music coordinator) have meeting tonight at church with someone who wants to join our music team and Travis is coming along, too. Also, have been on the phone this morning some for our youth dinner - reserving tables, making babysitting arrangements, etc. Noelle started running a fever last night when she got home from Awana and it's still up today around 100-101. :-( Earlier this week she had had a fever around 99 and her nose had been running so I thought we were maybe just cutting another tooth. Apparently we may have caught a germ, so she's been pretty whiny and cuddly. Quite the combination!

Noelle has also added several new words in the last week or so . . . the most important of which is (insert drum roll) MAMA!! Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled. :-) She has also started saying her own name - it comes out sounding like "noah" and is so cute. We can now identify Junior Asparagus (Veggie Tales) as "juh" and we say "book" and fish ("sah"). "Sah" (fish) is not to be confused with "Saaaaaaaaaah" which is Sam the dog. Very different. :-)

Off to work some more while Noelle is napping, poor baby. Soup is in the crockpot for dinner and dogs are sleeping on the floor. A few photos since I haven't posted any in a while to close . . .

My sick girl . . . who can say Mama!

Our other babies . . .

Sam had stolen Baa and it looks like he is laughing at the camera!


  1. Noelle is adorable even when sick & I love that last picture of your dog. They truly do look like they are laughing. LOL

  2. she's still a cutey... red nose and all :-)

  3. cute cute cute cute cute!
    when they start talking it is just THE BEST!


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