Saturday, February 05, 2005


Swonderings for this week:

Meekness, gentleness and kindness - show would you define those, as it relates to being a Christian?

I went and pulled my sermon notes notebook out. We're going through the Life of Christ at church right now (combining the 4 gospels into one chronological account). What I wrote down about meekness in my notes is as follows: Meekness (or poor in spirit) means to me that I have no right to be be before the King but for grace. I must rely on Him completely and His provision for my Spirit and my life. My spirit is poor without him! I need to be completely supplies with His spirit.

Gentleness, to me, is tightly wrapped up in my view of humility. Humility is how I view myself in relationship to God - not focusing on my self esteem as the basis for humbleness or humility, but instead keeping the focus on how high God Almighty is and that in comparison I am low and humble. Gentleness and kindness both are products of being poor in spirit/meek and humble in my walk with Christ. I can't show true gentleness or kindness to others when I am not in a proper place in my relationship with the Lord.

Just my thoughts on a Saturday morning . . .

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  1. *thumbs up* I would love to do a Fruits of the Spirit study with my youth girls. These are good thoughts.


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