Monday, February 07, 2005

Totally Random Post

My new addiction: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Love it.

Noelle's late night at our music team's SuperBowl party and her early morning wake-up has necessitated a morning nap, which has been out of the norm for us lately. I'm using the extra time to catch up on some church work and make a few lists for this week. This coming Saturday is our youth's fund raising dinner - Valentino's. We serve lasagna and salad and a woman at church makes this unbelieveable tiramasu for us. The highlight of the show, of course, is the entertainment. We have some live music, a little lip syncing, a little choreography, and much corny-ness. This year, our song selection has been focused on the 80's for the most part. The kids are performing live several of the songs this year and have worked their tails off on them - Jars of Clay's "Faith Like a Child" (not 80's, I know); DC Talk's "Heavenbound" (they are rapping it with a track - it's hysterical!); "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail - our token love song sung by a brother/sister duo; a fabulously choreographed routine to "Eye of the Tiger"; and "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Other than the choreography, Travis does all the work with the kids on the entertainment. I tend to lose patience and energy with the kids VERY quickly once they turn the music up loud and get microphones in their hands. :-)

I totally missed celebrating my Blog-versary last week - February 2, 2004. It's hard to believe that I've been doing this for a year.

I need to get to work on some invitations I'm designed for an upcoming baby shower for my friend Laura (who is soon to be entering blogworld!) and for another friend that is throwing a bridal shower in April.

I feel the need to review my resolutions from January and see where I'm at.

1. Simplicity in my spiritual life.
I believe I am making some progress here. I am becoming more aware that the days were I am completely frustrated with parenting, being a wife and pretty much anything else are days where I don't start my day in the Word. My getting up at 6:30 a.m. to ready my Bible have slipped a little with some late nights and sick baby, but I'm ready to get back into that routine again. My days went so much smoother when I started the day with my Bible. I'm still work on my Bible study in 1 Samuel in the evening, and I'm starting to take more time with it instead of rushing through it to check it off my "to do" list. I've been reading a wonderful book on women and prayer and have started a prayer notebook.

2. Simplify my schedule.
Other than a some extra errands and youth group gatherings tied to their Valentino's dinner this Saturday, I think I've made strides here, too. My ideal goal has been to have no more than 2 week nights committed and only one weekend evening committed to some sort of family activity. And, other than a crazy week last week, I've done good at limiting myself to two errand days a week: Tuesday, when Noelle and I go to the library and lunch with Grandma and her Aunt KaKa, and Fridays.

3. Simplify my possessions.
Eeehhh. Need to clean out some more.

4. Simplicity with my habits.
This is in spurts. Will drink water for a day or two and then forget about it completely. Same with food choices. Not where I want to be here. Am looking forward to more consistent and warmer weather and want to start walking with Noelle some.

Response to Comments:

Thank you all for your prayer for Noelle . . . she quit running a fever Saturday morning and seems to be on the upswing other than still playing catch up from a few restless nights of sleep while sick. Travis and I watched Kate and Leopold on Friday night and there were some laugh-out loud moments in the movie. I recommend it for a good laugh, and if you can watch it on TV - even better - it would eliminate the few bad words that I didn't enjoy. Heather, I think a fruit of the spirit study would be great with youth . . . that's something I would like to dive into myself at some point!


  1. So glad Noelle is feeling better.

    I agree I have found the *key* to me feeling centered and balanced lies in when I get up before the boys and have ''me'' time (to include my bible reading and prayer) otherwise the day feels jumbled and rushed and I'm prone to be frustrated.

    And yes, the TV version of Kate and Leopold...the first time I saw it no ''edited'' the use of the Lords name in vain took me aback too. But you are right, funnnnnnny movie and qurky and cute. And Hugh Jackman in that black turtleneck. *cute* :)

  2. Funny, aren't you a Coke girl?

    I'm a diet Pepsi girl, but LUV Lime Diet Coke right now.


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