Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I've been buried under card making projects the last few weeks . . . maybe that's why I haven't been posting as much? I finished some bridal shower invitations a couple weeks ago. They were a pain to get laid out right. The design is not original to me but they turned out cute. Now I need help! I was assigned 4 p.m. as my "time" - what do I get a bride for 4 p.m. in the afternoon? I'm stuck... I also wrapped up some baby shower invitations this weekend (this is front cover, but it was purple) and some wedding programs and change of address cards for the bride and groom. I think I have a window now with no pending jobs, which I'm thankful for. It's time to put my energies for some other things.

As I've mentioned (I think), I'm the administrator for my church (read: pay bils, buy toilet paper, church calendar, print bulletin, etc.) I'm also one of the music coordinators. I'm praying through and seaching where my role needs to be with our church music team. It's a busy job - even when shared by two people. Gina and I (the other 1/2 of the team) met a few weeks ago and have been processing where we are now that we've working together for 9 months or so and what do the next few months look like. Our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other so working together has been a huge blessing and helped share the load. However, she's got a little one that is nearing a pre-school homeschooling age and we're wanting to add to our family. Personally, I go back and forth to wanting to jump in even more with the team, to being ready for a break from being in charge and wanting to hand it off. I'm trying to seek and discern whether this is where the Lord wants me to be serving or should we be praying and seeking the next person to step into this spot and so far I'm just doing a lot of waiting. That's probably the answer for now, but I admit it makes me feel anxious that I don't know what's coming up. We have an Elder/Deacon/staff retreat coming up in a few weeks and it's the first one that I've been part of so maybe that will help clarify some of my feelings. Having some direction from where we think the Lord is leading our church . . . all to say, I'm looking forward to the get-together.

I think some of it, also, is the tiredness that just comes with several activities winding down for summer. We have 4 more weeks of women's Bible study and two (maybe 3?) more of Awana and our small group that meets concurrently. I'm looking forward to free evenings where we can sit out side and watch Noelle and the dogs run in the grass and watch my garden come up. (Speaking of which, I think we lost some of the cherry tomatoes in the frost we had last week. But there is other stuff coming up!) :-)

Just a couple pics of my girl to end. I am amazed by her vocabulary still . . . today she told me she wanted some "pack-kie" (popcorn) and told her Daddy that she saw a "frock" (frog) yesterday.

Is she a budding artist? (A rare picture of her actually using the crayons instead of eating them.)

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Or a musician like Daddy?

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