Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Day...

  • We lost the key to Travis' car over the weekend.
  • One car family . . . that's doable. Specially since Noelle and I have been housebound for several days.
  • Take Travis to work this morning.
  • Run to get a few groceries.
  • Bring them home and then head out again.
  • This time to the car dealership to get a new key for T's car. And a backup key.
  • Seems we have to get it made from the dealership because it's got some computer chip in it.
  • But they tell me there is a possibility that because the car is so old, they might not be able to make me a key.
  • They make me one key (they aren't cheap) and ask me to try it before they make the 2nd key.
  • Sounds smart.
  • Noelle has a dirty diaper while at the car place.
  • Then she throws up a little.
  • Most of it ends up on me and my pants. Ick.
  • We head back home to try out key #1.
  • I am thinking about the gross-ness that is now my pants and get pulled over.
  • Apparently I didn't see a red light.
  • You have know, I never speed, run lights, miss school zones.
  • My friends complain because I am such a slow driver.
  • I was mortified.
  • And I got a ticket.
  • Then I cried because I had a ticket and I was puked on.
  • But when I got home I found out that key #1 worked.
  • And I got clean pants.
  • And Noelle had fallen asleep in the back seat of the car.
  • So off we went to get key #2.
  • There was no throwing up at the car dealership the 2nd time.
  • God is good.
  • Then we went to the library and played with the trains and this thing that has "frocks" in it (frogs).
  • Then we came home and Noelle is taking a 2 hour nap.
  • I'm actually getting a few things done.
  • Like writing this list.
  • Off to do a bit more work before she awaketh and we have to go pick Travis up at work.
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