Friday, May 12, 2006

On Being a Mom

I’m sitting here with a little bundle of chub known as N2 balanced between my arms as I’m taking a quick sit-down before starting to make dinner. Behind is the sound of Sesame Street (thanks to the magic of Grandpa and Tivo we can watch it later in the day). I am so blessed to get to spend my day with these two girls. The funny thing is, I never really thought I would get to be a Mom. While I love children, I never thought of myself as the type that someone would want to marry. But then God’s sovereignty brought T into my life and the rest, they say, is history. So, in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I want to tell my girls why I love being their Mom.

… I get to spend my days with the two coolest girls on the planet.
… No one makes me belly-laugh like my two-year old.
… They teach ME how to be a better Mom.
… They make me rely on Jesus on a daily basis.
… They are teaching me to think even more before I speak. Gentleness in speech goes a lot further than Mama’s yelling.
… N2’s roly-poly little legs and how she burrows in when I snuggle with her.
… I get to be the help-mate of a way-cool guy, and help him teach these girlies about Jesus.
… I get to take N1 to the library for the first time and read her stories at night.
… I get to pray with N1 right before she goes to sleep at night and hear her say “amen.”
… I am privileged to get up at night to meet N2’s little needs. And snuggling a sleepy baby ain’t all bad. :)
… They are teaching me about true priorities.
… I get to dress them in matching outfits and put little pigtails in N1’s hair.
… I get to comfort them after shots at the Dr.’s and cuddle with them under afghans on the couch when they are sick.
… Nose kisses.
… And big wet slobbery ones.
… I get to make up silly songs about diaper changing, using the p0tty, and everything else under the sun.
… I get to teach these two wonders about being a Mom themselves someday and hopefully they will learn from my mistakes.
… And most important. I am just a steward of these little lives. They were created by God for His pleasure and glory and I’ve been entrusted with them for whatever length their journey is here. It is our responsibility to teach them that we are just sojourners here, and have a far greater heavenly home awaiting us. To God be the glory!

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