Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday News

Happy Tuesday! We had a quiet Memorial Day weekend around here ... lots of rearranging of furniture and cleaning out, lawn mowing, and playing. It was a weekend with absolutely NO commitments which I loved. Rented a couple movies one night, grilled out another night and just hung out. Fun family time. Right now it is getting ready to storm outside and N1 is sitting behind me watching a Sesame Street episode and telling the rain to "be quiet." I keep telling her that it is thunder making the noise, but she isn't convinced yet. :-) She has refused all my efforts to talk her into a nap today ... is this the beginning of the end of afternoon naps? She did get up this morning about 8:30 a.m. ... sleeping in VERY late for her, so I'm not too worried about it today.

N2 is 4 months today ... we took our traditional monthly-birthday picture in anticipation of a first year scrapbook page that I will do down the road.

The dress that she has on is one that was N1's so I pulled out a picture of N1 in the dress for comparison. They sure are starting to look alike! (N1 is actually closer to 6 months old in the dress, where N2 is filling it out well at 4 months.)

It always strikes me as funny because folks say that they girls look so similar (which they do!), but that N1 is the image of Travis, and N2 is my little twin, which we also can see. :-) God's creativity always amazes me when I look at my girlies. They are so amazing and different and fabulous.

Other things coming up ... church picnic this coming Saturday (praying for no rain!), meal planning to get done this week (must do!), some work (making lists) for the youth trip this summer for hurrican relief, and working on Living Beyond Yourself with the W@H ladies.

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