Friday Felicities

Things that make you happy ~ from the mind of Nattie Rose!
  • staying under the alotted (albeit small) grocery budget!
  • a box of Pampers (the good stuff) from my parents
  • hazelnut coffee creamer (I'm working on a slow and steady addiction to a little creamer in my coffee and feel the need to start trying all the flavors. Any suggestions for me?)
  • getting ready to clean my scrapbook area/desk with a new organizational idea I had while feeding the baby
  • dreamy little baby smiles
  • Women at Home
  • packages from GOOD friends the mail with lovelies for my baby E
  • a clean house, or what I will have when I get up here and get to work!
  • heaven
  • my friend Nattie Rose, who occasionally was referred to as N3 round here.

Remembering Nattie


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    lovely poster
    good list and Im going to check out Women at Home sounds interesting
    have a good weekend


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